Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019: 25 Things To Know

I understand what you are going through...

You want to make money online and it is hard to find someone that is NOT trying to scam you. 

Everyone wants your money BEFORE you see anything they offer. 

It's annoying...

I've been exactly in your shoes. But hopefully, unlike me, you haven't wasted a ton of money trying to find the right thing. 

In this Wealthy Affiliate Review, I discuss 25 of the best reasons this program is the "Harvard" of online training to legitimately learn to make money online...even if you are a beginner.

The best part about it is that they let you try it for free with no credit card or anything.

If you like it, you sign up for their Premium Membership. (And get this for free!)


If you do not like it, you haven't lost a thing. 

wealthy affiliate review

Building your own business online is not that easy. But, it is a lot easier than having to work for someone else every day. 

Keep reading the top 25 reasons and see how Wealthy Affiliate is unlike anything you have encountered online. 

(25) The Wealthy Affiliate Scam Review: Quick Look

So first, what is the Wealthy Affiliate? I want to dispel the myths and the lore that Wealthy Affiliate is some illegitimate website.

I'm here to tell you point-blank that the Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate way to learn to make money online.

With that said, it may not be the best way to make money online, but it is definitely in my top 3.

What the Wealthy Affiliate does that catches my eye, is the fact they allow what we call a "starter membership".

This starter membership is 100% free.

wealthy affiliate review

Yes, you heard me right, 100% free.

Now within the first seven days of your starter membership, they will pitch you a 61% discount on The Wealthy Affiliates premium service for the first month.

It is an excellent way of going about business. If you trust your product, you would give it to someone for free for a limited time before you require them to pay.

That is exactly what the Wealthy Affiliate does. They give you a taste to see if this is something that you really want to do.

If it is, great!

If not, at least you have lost nothing.

How I Make Money With This...

The business model that is taught here was developed primarily by two well-known individuals within the Wealthy Affiliate community.

Kyle and Carson.

wealthy affiliate review

I say "well-known individuals" because within the Wealthy Affiliate community Kyle and Carson are active with the paying members.

They are not around for just a quick, "Hey there! How are you doing?" type interaction, they are out in the open giving high value to the people with whom are learning their system.

The entire training program is led by Kyle.

He masterfully breaks down very comple2x concepts about making money online and presents them in a way to where even the most novice user can understand through the use of text and videos.

Now, even though it is free to join, what do you need to know before signing up?

(24) Is Wealthy Affiliate Legitimate? What to Expect Before Joining!

After you sign up for the free starter membership, you notice that the membership itself is restrictive.

It only allows you to view the first ten lessons of the initial program. After you complete lesson ten, it asks you to upgrade your account to Premium.

There goes your free ride, but it is not all bad. 

However, you are given two free websites that are yours to keep forever as a complimentary starter member.

wealthy affiliate review

But keep in mind that these websites are sub-domains and not full-fledged websites. (For example, instead of getting www.yoursite.com, you are getting yourwebsite.siterubix.com).

But again, the purpose of the free starter membership is they give you a taste of what you can get if you were to upgrade to Premium.

You have seven days from the start of your starter membership to go premium at the discounted $19 rate for the first month.

SPOILER ALERT: If you do not do it within the first seven days, the discount still applies for an additional week for those that just forgot or didn't have time to sign up initially. 

The Pros:

  • Affordable
  • In-Depth Simple Training
  • Live Webinars
  • Community

With the Wealthy Affiliate, they have quite a few things that work in its favor as you can see from the pro's above.

Allow me to detail a little bit more thoroughly what the best things are about the Wealthy Affiliate.

(23) Affordability

We will dive more into pricing later on in the article, but compared to a lot of other programs online; the Wealthy Affiliate is extremely affordable for what you get.

If you were to go premium, they will give you 50 websites to use on a shared hosting plan with the SiteRubix hosting platform.

From my experience, I have noticed that SiteRubix is fast, has great customer service, and is very responsive. All good things you would want in a web hosting provider.

On top of the web hosting, you also get the evergreen training. Evergreen meaning it is always changing and updating with the times especially since SEO (or search engine optimization) it's continuously evolving.

Finally, the premium service also affords you access to the community, or what some of us on the internet call a 'mastermind.' The Mastermind alone is worth every cent.

wealthy affiliate review

The only other expense you may incur (but it not required) is to purchase a domain name. 

This isn't an expense imposed by Wealthy Affiliate. If you want to take advantage of the SEO benefits and maximize your earning potential, it is wise to buy a domain name, or multiple domain names. 

The cost for this is only about $13-$14 and is a once a year fee. It is worth it, but still worth considering. 

Other than that, there are no other things required. 

So you can literally start your very own online business for just under $35. Not bad...

(22) In-Depth Training
The training available over at the Wealthy Affiliate is exceptionally well done. The information that is found there can help anyone, even a complete newbie, learn how to make money online.

They break the training down in a way that makes it appear to be a game. This is helpful because it allows the new business owner time to interact with what they are learning and put into practice.

As touched on earlier, the training is always changing and is still up-to-date with times.

I have noticed with many other "make money online" products the training that was available is no longer applicable to getting your website ranked online today!

Wealthy Affiliate does not run into this problem because they are always updating and honing in on the perfect training for its members.

(21) Live Webinars
Along with Kyle and Carson is another guy named Jay Neil.

Jay is also a full-time entrepreneur that has been working alongside Kyle and Carson for many years. He is a successful online entrepreneur himself.

wealthy affiliate review

And he conducts the live weekly webinars. The amount of value is in each one of these webinars is outstanding.

It is so exceptional that the live webinars are worth the monthly cost by themselves.

They are also so outstanding that it is worth going back and watching every single one since 2012, which Wealthy Affiliate kindly keeps copies in their website archives.

(20) Community
The community available over at the Wealthy Affiliate is also unmatched. It has so many benefits it will be impossible to list them all right here right now. But if you are familiar with a "mastermind" at all, you will also notice the value to have such a service.

The most significant benefit of this community is that you have help and support 24 hours a day seven days a week 365 days a year.

With a community of over 100,000 people and a library with tens of thousands of posts, any question you can have while building your website will be answered somewhere on the site.

One of the most significant benefits also is having a mentor as you sign up. In fact, if you click the link right here I will become your mentor, and I can help you build your website from scratch to a full-time earning website.

Not some robot... you get help from myself!

The Cons:

  • Backlinking is frowned upon
  • Review's message gets lost in $$$ for students
  • Too Much information can get overwhelming

One of the main drawbacks to the Wealthy Affiliate training is a fact that backlinkingis frowned upon.

(19) No Backlinking Training
Now anyone who knows online marketing and search engine optimization knows that backlinking, even in 2019, is extremely valuable for ranking a website.

So the fact that the Wealthy Affiliate does not promote any teachings in regards tobacklinking makes you scratch your head.

But the explanation of such is because Wealthy Affiliate wants to teach a 100% white hat way of building a profitable online business (to learn the difference between white hat vs black hat SEO check out this video!) .

This protects its members from future Google updates, and it protects the Wealthy Affiliate themselves by not teaching methods that can at some point fail.

Due to the no backlinking training, the time it takes to rank your site can take a while.

This all depends on the competitiveness of the niche that you chose.

I have seen some sites rank within four months; however, I have seen other sites take as long as 12 to 15 months before they start seeing full-time income earning traffic. 

With that said, using the ways that Wealthy Affiliate teaches WORKS FAR BETTER in the long run.

It is not a short term solution. 

This is because if you follow the training, WHEN (notice i did not say 'if') but WHEN you break through, the flood gates open to literally thousands of people hitting your site everyday. 

As an example, Roope Kiuttu ​(youronlinerevenue.com) using the Wealthy Affiliate system, started his site in November of 2015, by June of 2017, he was getting 50,000 people to his site a month.

That is about 1,600+ people a day.

A normal sales conversion on a site (even a poorly done website) can convert traffic to paying to customers at a clip of about 2%. Which means, he potentially makes 30+ sales a day. 

If he is making $23 per sale, than he is bringing in $700 a day... yes a DAY! That equates to about $20,000 a month. 

It is hard to fathom, but I hope you see the potential here. ​

(18) Review's Message gets lost in MONEY for students
This is a tricky one, so please be patient with me.

One way how the Wealthy Affiliate teaches its students to promote products is to do product reviews.

This is normal. It is one of the best ways to make money online. 

Now, the Wealthy Affiliate being an affiliate marketing training site they would be remiss if they did not have an affiliate program themselves. In fact, there is a full course training within the premium members area that teaches you exactly how you can promote the Wealthy Affiliate successfully.

It is taught how to create a review of a product even if you have not purchased that product.

And this is where the grey area comes in. Our main Goal is to help people.  That is what gets sales. 

What I have seen happen is that people who are trying to take advantage of the generous affiliate program at Wealthy Affiliate bash other money making programs even though they've never used that product specifically.

This tends to lead to erroneous and highly inaccurate reviews of other products online just for the sake of pitching the Wealthy Affiliate.

And for this, the Wealthy Affiliate has been sued in the past. However, the Wealthy Affiliate continues to defend its case with the fact that it does not teach its members directly to create negative or subpar reviews of different types of programs online that claim to make people money.

What I have found, however, is the fact that those who do legitimate online reviews tend to do better in website rankings within Google.

Wealthy Affiliate has adjusted their training in recent months to address this concern by stressing the need to write honest reviews. 

Here is a excerpt from the training:

"Remember, be elaborate with your reviews and don’t leave anything on the table. .... Remember, your ultimate goal is to help people find the best product fit for them... The key with all of your reviews is to offer your readers a comprehensive and accurate experience... It is OK to offer your opinion, but it is important that you do not falsify statements within your actual reviews." -Kyle of WA

But by and large, these specific complaints about the Wealthy Affiliate are a bit misplaced. This is a problem that exists in any online endeavor. People stretch the truth to push their own agenda.

Wealthy Affiliate scams exists, but it is up to you to be an informed consumer and due your due diligence to be sure that you are making  a move and not being swayed by the hype.  

Don't just pot anything and start spraying affiliate links everywhere. Be diligent, truthful, and helpful and the sales will follow. 

I talk about that in greater detail in the following video addressing if Wealthy Affiliate Is A Scam or not:

As a consumer, be educated. Get different views and opinions BEFORE making a decision and spending your hard earned cash. This goes for choosing an online marketing training as well as buy a pair of shoes. 

The main issue here is promoting WA and how to promote WA.

I would like to point out is that by using the training at Wealthy Affiliate, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PROMOTE WEALTHY AFFILIATE. The option is available for those interested. 

The training teaches you how to promote ANYTHING. So use it to promote anything.  

(17) Too Much Information can be overwhelming
Now, this isn't necessarily a negative as it is more a problem within site. The world of internet marketing is its own language. And it takes time for anyone to learn it.

Much like entrepreneurship any endeavor does take time to learn the craft.

However, the general public, by nature, is very impatient people.

As a result, they speed through the training lessons on the website, never put anything into action, or if they do so in a half-hearted nature and give up.

The trick to being successful with the Wealthy Affiliate is to take your time, do every lesson, do not skip any steps, and do other learning outside of Wealthy Affiliate to help supplement ideas.

Sorry to interrupt, but if you are like most people, you are already sold on at least the FREE membership over at the Wealthy Affiliate. If that is the case, click the button below and get started with your training and making money online. I will message you as soon as I see you on the inside!

(16) Who is Wealthy Affiliate For?

The Wealthy Affiliate is for both beginners and experienced online marketers as well....

But more for beginners. 

As long as you know how to turn a computer on, you should be well equipped to use Wealthy Affiliate to make money online.

I have run across many students that have no experience in writing or running a business and following the direction over at the Wealthy Affiliate they have been able to build a sustainable business within a years time. 

Someone that is more experienced may find some of the initial trainings a bit boring and redundant, but once you get to the latter parts of the training, you will find some good gems. Gems that will make you more money than the initial cost. 

For the more experienced, you will find more value within the live webinar trainings performed by Jay Neil

(15) Wealthy Affiliate Price

So this is the big one... How much does Wealthy Affiliate cost? 

As of 2019... 

Starter Membership = $0  

Premium Membership = $19 for first month, and $49/month thereafter.

You are allowed to pay for it Yearly for only $29 a month ($240 savings).

When Wealthy Affiliate first started, they only had one membership, the Premium Membership. The cost of which was $47 dollar per month. 

Since 2012, however, a Wealthy Affiliate membership included two modes, the Starter Membership and the Premium Membership.

The starter membership was added in an attempt to increase conversions by letting new members get a taste of what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. By doing such, you are more likely to upgrade to the Premium membership. 

This is a really good thing in my opinion. There are very many programs out there that require you to purchase the entire programs before seeing anything within the program. 

The fact that Wealthy Affiliate allows you to get a sneak peak is great because you are given the oppor