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How Do I Make Money Online?

For Newbies and Advanced Marketers alike, the focus is to teach you how to be successful... Long Term!

The training provided is simplified in a way that ANYONE can understand. From the moment you sign up, you gain access to the most sophisticated training platform in the industry designed to take you by the hand and guide you to success. 

Join over 1.3 Million Aspiring and Highly Successful Internet Entrepreneurs!

You can be successful in ANY interest you choose. With over 600,000,000+ products to choose from online, you will find something that can and will make you money. We teach you the proper technique to build and scale your very own online business.


Few Things You Get With Wealthy Affiliate


Weekly LIVE Internet Classes

Every week Live Classes are offered from industry experts. He simply will blow you away with his knowledge and willingness to help see you succeed. 


Over 300 Hours of Expert Education

As a Premium Member, training on every topic imaginable in the Affiliate Marketing space. 


Over 120 Individual Lessons

Everything from the fundamental core truths to expert information on how you can succeed in ANY interest. 


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When You Upgrade to Premium, You gain unlimited access to Jaaxy. A keyword research tool that breaks down online money making potential in seconds. ($99/month value is INCLUDED)

My Story

My name is Chris Myles and my son's name is Benjamin (or Benji), hence the name

I started looking for an opportunity to make money online in 2015 and got scammed a few times. 

I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate and enjoyed the fact that they let you try it for free WITH NO CREDIT CARD before committing. 

After taking a look inside, I immediately recognized the value and Upgraded to Premium within a day. 

That was a long time ago and I am proud to say that I am still here as successful as ever and still growing!

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What Premium Members are saying:

I wish I would have found this site YEARS ago.

I have been putting in a couple of hours a night (with interruptions) after work and I already am on lesson two with a website up. Time to populate it with some content. Wealthy Affiliate makes things so easy. With the best plugins out there that would cost thousands of dollars. I wish I would have found this site years ago. Take what's taught here, employ the knowledge, make money and repeat. SUPER EXCITING!

Cheifmongrel  //  Premium Member

Get ready to make your dreams come true....

Very easy to understand training course that has you completing tasks as you learn, absolutely brilliant idea. Get ready to make your dreams come true. If you really want to. The course is made for the self-starters and those that can follow directions. If takes you from zero to building your own website, if you follow the lessons and videos. Just give it a try with an open mind.

icdavid  //  Premium Member

I'm learning everyday while I build my business to success!!

When it comes to online I can do most basic things like email, Facebook, Pinterest and Google searching but that is where it ends. I went in this with an open mind and happiness it was FREE to try. I've come out pumped, excited and more knowledgeable than before but I know it's not going to stop here as I'm learning everyday while I build my business to success!! 

The training is truly fool proof and if your not sure, there is the WHOLE community of people waiting for your questions! If you do anything, just try it and go through the first level of training and decide if it is for you.

Daniiket  //  Premium Member

Wealthy Affiliate is the best product/site out there.

This is a great course and will help you succeed and take your first steps into the online world of making money. Take it one step at a time and simply put, just take your time. Wealthy Affiliate is the best product/site out there. You won't find anything out there better. 

PercyM  //  Premium Member

Anyone can do this...

It is worth noting that you do NOT need any kind of technical skills to do this. Wealthy Affiliate is simple and straightforward. If you can turn on a computer, you can do this!

The process of how I make money may seem complicated at first. I build a small websites (you can call it a 'blog') and I give people information that they are looking for (let me explain a little further...)

So I get people to visit my website from Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines for FREE. On the websites, I promote products and I get paid a commission for doing so.

Companies like Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Apple, and my personal favorite, Amazon. Just about every store online has a program that will pay you just to promote their stuff. 

You bring them business and you get a slice of the profits!

Premium Membership Perks!

To be successful with online business, you will need a solid foundation, a website. The features provided are not offered anywhere else in the world and is very advanced, yet ridiculously easy to use. Building websites have never been so awesome and fun.



Online Entrepreneur Certification (50 Lessons): This 5 Phase, 50 Lesson course is the fundamental core for your knowledge base. When you are finished, you will be well equipped to succeed in ANY interest online.

The training is updated regularly and way ahead of competition and industry trends.



Access to a powerful Keyword Research Tool, Jaaxy:  Every successful online business stems from a proper understanding of keywords and the ability to find low competition and HIGHLY relevant keywords. Most effective keyword tools costs $99 or more a month. Jaaxy is included with your premium membership. 



24/7 Active Community That Cares: Success is the result of those that you surround yourself with. Within the community at Wealthy Affiliate are "ultra successful" marketers that are willing to help you on a day in and day out basis.

You are never alone with the community. If you have a question at 3am, ask it. The community is GLOBAL so there is always someone around willing to lend a hand. 

Kyle and Carson  //  Co-Founders of Wealthy Affiliate

The founders of Wealthy Affiliate are two guys name Kyle and Carson. Nearly all of the trainings available are done by Kyle himself. His page is always open for questions or comments. Not often a CEO of a company is willing to answer your questions personally! 

Carson is more on the design and project management side of things making sure that the website looks and feels great all the time. 

Both have families and just wanting to provide top-notch service to all of us at Wealthy Affiliate learning to make a living from home. 

These Guys Are Good... 

Join Over 1.3 Million Successful Online Entrepreneurs

This is by far the ONLY system I use to build websites...

This is by far the ONLY system I use to build websites, and I never use it just the once! For every site I build (are there have been many!) I always come back to the beginning of this first course and go through it again whilst I build my new site. It is my template to make sure I always build it properly and never miss out on anything!

mhmcoaching  //  Premium Member

This is the first thing every Affiliate Marketing learner should know... 

This is the first thing every affiliate marketing learner should know. It explains the basics of affiliate marketing, such as how affiliate marketing works, in EASILY comprehensible phases. 

It is advisable to take one step at a time and complete the tasks before moving to another one. 

hendralukman //  Premium Member

Networking within the community is easy...

Having searched many other online programs, I have not seen the level of accuracy and relevant information as there is in this course and all for free for starter members. Networking within the community is easy and what an awesome community it is!! The website creator is easy and fast, Doing niche research is much easier now that I have the tools and training to do it. 

Anyone serious about online business, should consider this course. 

Great Gob, Highly Recommend to all

Skydancer1  //  Premium Member

The Best Time to Start Making Money Online is Now!

Wealthy Affiliate teaches what works and success is a result. We teach you EXACTLY what is working for us and is working for others. 

Every day there are new success stories being posted