VolKno Review: Scam or Legit?

We all could use a little side of money.

So when our journey to make money online, We no doubt come across quite a few different options.

In today's review we are going to talk about VolKno (vol-Kay-no). VolKno is a way to make money online that allows you to watch videos. Not necessarily movies, but trailers and other types of media.

VolKno was definitely fun to do.

What is a time and effort that you have to put into it worth the money that you get back to the videos that you watch?

That is a question we are going to answer today.

But first, an overview of this VolKno review!

Name: VolKno
Website: VolKno.com
Price: $0
Overall Rank:  Revealed at the end!

Spoiler Alert: Not a scam, but may not be worth your time. 

Is VolKno Legit?: Quick Overview


Sorry, I was watching another trailer on VolKno. 

This site is freakin' addicting!

In a quick overview, VolKno at its most primitive level is a survey site.

If you have read any of my reviews on Benjisdad.com, then you automatically know that I hate survey sites.

They tend to take up a lot of your time and pay very little money.

But VolKno has turned conventional wisdom on its head.

Instead of being subjected to pointless survey after pointless survey to satisfy some empty suit in New York. You get to do what you would probably be doing all night when you have a 4-hour binge on YouTube watching movie trailers.

The site has a currency called "flow."

As you watch videos and complete surveys you are given 'flow,' which is points.

You can accrue these points and turn them in to get Amazon gift cards.

You do have to get quite a bit of flow to redeem for the gift cards, but honestly, you get to the limits rather quickly.

Each movie trailer that you watch you earn 50 flow points.

This does not include the regular surveys that you would get by just visiting the "My Survey" section of the site which typically pays more than just 50 flow points.

Anyways, back to the videos...

We live in a growing age of video. Videos are taking over on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, etc...

In fact, if you are not in some form or fashion utilizing video in your make money campaigns, then you're losing out on a massive section of the market.

And that is where VolKno comes in.

They have done something somewhat groundbreaking. Combining video (exciting video) with surveys and a way to earn cash from it is incredible.

I can tell you from experience; there was a couple of nights where I binged on VolKno for a few hours and earned a ton of flow.

So in a nutshell, instead of emerging from a YouTube binge feeling defeated that I wasted a ton of time, I emerge (still defeated) but now I can have a few bucks to show for it.

VolKno Scam? What to Expect Before Joining!

VolKno has been dominating Reddit and other forums over the last year, but here is a quick look at what to do before joining. 

The homepage for VolKno is a rather simple one.

They simply ask for you to create an account by inputting your email address and a password or you can sign up using your Facebook account.

They give you a quick synopsis as to how to use the service.

"Watch and rate videos for New movies, TV shows, and more!"

The site then gives you the step by step instructions on how you can make money with the service.

1. Watch Videos
2. Give Feedback
3. Redeem your Flow

It seems too simple, but that's because it is, and there isn't a real catch that I could find.

Upon joining you do receive an email to confirm your subscription. After confirming you are sent to the member's area listing the many videos that you can begin to watch.

If you were to sign-in using your Facebook account, you are simply sent straight to the videos.

There is no worry of giving up your email address or Facebook account on here. From what I can tell, they do not post randomly on your Facebook profile and I have not gotten any spam emails from them (yet...).

However, to be sure of this I would dive into the Facebook settings for that particular association and make sure that they do not have post privileges.

After that, you were in!

The Pros:

  • Easy to do
  • Fun to do
  • Check out the latest video games and movie trailers

Watching the videos are fun to do, and it's effortless.

While watching a video, you simply have to click whether it is hot or not.

Be sure that you click whether or not it is hot or not, otherwise you do not receive any flow after the video has ended.

So it does require you to be at least a little attentive while you watch the videos, but it isn't anything too obtrusive.

The cool thing about this entire service is that you can watch new movies and video game trailers.

I do admit that after a while you do run out of trailers to watch, but they do come out rather often.

You can also watch the videos more than once to get twice the amount of flow. But the limit seems to be twice. Then again, if you really hated the video, you probably wouldn't watch it again anyways.

The Cons:

  • Takes a lot of time
  • High demands for returns
  • Not enough surveys presented
  • must follow the rules!

Sorry, we at BenjisDad.com have to be critical of something.

We have already mentioned that one of the negatives of the service is the fact that you do run out of videos to watch. But in the world of entertainment, there is always going to be new movies, video games, and TV shows coming out. 

VolKno tells you pretty straightforwardly that 1000 flow = $1. So if you do the math, that's 20 videos for one buck. At a rate of about three to five minutes per video, you are looking at about $0.75 an hour.

Yeah, it is not that much. (but at least you had fun, right?)

To get any return with this service, you have to devote quite a bit of time to it.

There are other ways to make money by completing surveys in the, 'My Surveys' section of the site. However, they do not populate very often. I was a member for over a couple of days and did not have one survey pop up other than the two initial ones that come up when you first sign up.

So unfortunately, there were not very many opportunities for me to earn more than the 50 flow just watching the videos.

As with any other survey sites, you have to complete the initial surveys for the system to know what surveys to serve to you.

From what I have found, the less information on the initial survey the fewer surveys you receive. But, if you lie and say that you are interested in something that you aren't, just to get the survey, then you will end up getting a whole bunch of surveys for stuff that you are not interested in.

So be careful of that.

Who is VolKno For?

VolKno is for anyone who routinely binge watches trailers on YouTube. (totally me)

As mentioned before, you would have watched these videos anyway so when I get paid even a little something from it.

So buy out your time wisely, and get to watching those videos!

VolKno Price

Thankfully the price of this service is free.

No money that is required to get started with service. Just your email address and or your Facebook information.

Even when you purchase the Amazon gift cards in the store, they are given to you electronically, so you do not have to worry about any mailing charges.

In my eyes, free is always good.

Is VolKno A Scam?: My Final Opinion

VolKno is no scam at all. 

You can make money from it, but you will have to put in a ton of time with it. 

Another issue that I find is that after a while, you will run out of videos to watch, at which point, you cannot make any more money. 

They also do not have EVERY video out there. But as they grow I can see the number of videos rising. 

It is simple to do and enjoyable. 

You will NOT make a full income off of this. 

So I would not even entertain that fact. This is something that you can do on the side to at least make your time worth something. 

So What You Should Do Now?

There is a way that you can make money online... A LOT OF MONEY. If your thing is watching videos or movies and such. There is a way to make money off of that passion. 

With a thing called Affiliate Marketing, you can write articles about movies and TV shows and video games or whatever, get people to read it and monetize (make money from...) the traffic. It is very easy to do, but does help if you had a little bit of direction with how to do it exactly. 

In fact, I have been able to earn a full time income online using the methods taught right here. Go ahead and check it out or simply click the image below! 

Don't worry, it is free to start off, plus if you sign up using my link, I will personally help you every step of the way! Personal help from someone that has done it before it totally worth the free membership!

Check out this page and let me know what you think!

VolKno Overall Scam Rank: 60 out of 100

VERDICT: LEGIT and FUN (But Not Worth Your Time)

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