Why Starting A Blog After Retirement is a GREAT Idea (How to do it)

There are many ways to earn an income after your retirement and starting a blog is one of those ways. 

Starting a blog after retirement is a GREAT idea because the potential income can afford you a life of freedom. A blog can help you do what YOU want to do when YOU want to do it. A blog can earn money passively, is low maintenance, and has an unlimited earning potential. 

In this article, we will discuss (1) how blogging can change your life no matter your age, (2) if you need to be a computer genius, and (3) how to get it started from scratch at a low cost of entry. 

How Blogging Has Changed My Life... Personally

Blogging has been one of those eye-opening revelations that started out as a hobby, but then became my sole purpose in life. I know that sounds crazy, but upon learning the earning potential of what running your own business can get you versus the traditional 9-5, I fell in love. 

Picture this... what would most people consider a well-paying job? $15/hr? $20/hr? 

Ok, let us go with the $20/hr. If you were to work 8 hours, you can make a MAXIMUM of $160. Even if after your primary working years you somehow had the mightiness to work 24 hours that is still a MAXIMUM income of $480 in a 24-hour period. That would be your maximum earning potential. 

Many of you are coming out of the workforce after you have worked for someone else for the last 15-30 years. But there are others retiring from owning their own businesses and if that is the case, you understand this concept. The most important, valuable asset you will ever have is your time. 

Trading time for money is the worst way to make money, yet it is the most popular. But the best way to make money, is to build a passive income. Build something that will make you money even when you are not actively working on it. 

Making money passively is what blogging can do for you. Free up your time to do something YOU want to do. 

Does Starting A Blog Take A Lot Of Time? 

This can be a loaded question.

The short answer is... Yes, blogging takes time to build and to cultivate like a garden. 

I liken it to building a house. Imagine you are building a house brick by brick. It will take you a little time to get all the bricks you need to have a house in which you can live. But once the house is built, you have somewhere to stay that takes little maintenance, compared to what you had to do to build it. 

See my point? 

If not, think of it this way...

start a blog after retirement

Many retirees have worked their entire lives to be in a position where they can do what they want on their own time. But even then, rarely does the money fall to allow you to take all of that time you want with no need of a part-time job.

So with all that newfound time you now have why waste it as a Wal-Mart greeter? You can use your time to build something that will sustain itself within a few months or a year. It will take diligence on your part to build it, but the benefits far outweigh the costs. 

Just picture being able to travel and move around the country or the world with nothing else but your laptop. That is a great feeling that many people are enjoying in their 30s and 40s. You can also enjoy it in your retirement years. 

What is the Earning Potential of A Blog?

This is a legitimate question. 

If I am trying to convince you to take a dive into running your own blog about any subject you want, you will want to know the return you will get for your time!

Remember our maximum earning potential from earlier? Compare that to a blog that can speak for you when you cannot!

What I mean by that is every time you create a blog or YouTube video that is a little piece of you that exists on the internet for people to find at any moment. The earning potential is huge because your site exists 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. 

Sound too good to be true? Well, it's not. 

Check out Mommy to Max bringing in $5,251/month

or Millennial Boss bringing in $2,851/month

or to get ridiculous... 

Shout Me loud bringing in $34,390/month... (yes, PER MONTH)

or Smart Passive Income bringing in a hefty $102,915/month.


Sounds impossible, right? In fact, to learn how to get this started, check out my free video training I have right here.

Do you see the potential here? The ceiling for making money is unlimited. 

Do You Need To Be Tech Savvy?

This is a great question because many people, young and not-so-young, ask if you need to be a computer geek to make it in the blogging biz.

I will not lie to you, having even minor computer knowledge can help big time with understanding a few of the nuances involved with running a blog online. 

BUT, it's unnecessary to have lots of computer know-how.

There is a learning curve, but with the right help and the right training, you can feel your way around it. I was not an expert at blogging when I first got started. In fact, I failed a few times before I got it right with BenjisDad.com. The common phrase is to 'fail forward'; learn from your mistakes and try not to do them again. 

Most of what I have learned and been successful with in the online landscape is from not having the proper training and failing at it a few times before I got it right. I would have killed for a mentor or coach to give me the step by step so I could get it right the first time. That help is invaluable. Imagine veering off into the wrong direction then be redirected by your coach and mentor so you will not waste your time!?

Another great thing to note is that plenty of people have become bloggers with their time after retirement. Wes has built an income over at WA since his retirement. Check out his story right there: Freedom at Retirement

That is just one example of someone that took a chance even though they were nervous about how much they would have to learn about computers, but the training we offer is step-by-step and holds your hand through the process.  

What Would Your Blog Be About? 

This is the most agonizing questions when starting a blog... what will your blog be about?

When you are experienced, opportunity is all around you, but when you were brand-new, it is sometimes very difficult to figure out what to talk about and what to write about on your new blog. 

When choosing a niche, The main thing to keep in mind is to think to yourself, "What is it you enjoy doing or learning about?" This can be the basis of a money-making website. 

For example, if you're into coffee creating a coffee blog would be an option. 

The reason that you want to be passionate about your subject is because you will be talking about your subject quite a bit and also doing research. By doing the research you can give great information to those looking for your content. 

starting a blog after retirement

To make this clearer and sticking with our coffee analogy, a simple question like "what is the difference between dark roast and light roast coffee" is a great question that does not have a suitable answer on the internet. That may sound backwards, but it isn't. You can now create a great piece of content answering that question and diving deep into the subject. The people you draw into your site while answering that question will allow you pitch coffee related products to your audience. 

Your helpful post will then lead to people buying stuff off of your website or at least being added to your email list. This is where the real money comes into play! 

So I hope you see the power, it doesn't matter your niche. I recommend something you are interested in to get you going. If you need help with this, please contact me and use my free training guide over at BenjisDad.com

How Much Does it Cost to Start A Blog?

Most of your traditional brick and mortar businesses cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to get started. I believe the last time I checked, it costs about $750,000 to start a McDonald's franchise. Even if you went on a smaller scale, the cost of starting your own business can creep into the thousands in equipment costs to do your new business effectively. 

But online business and blogs are the not that way. 

Would you believe me if I told that you can start your very own online business for less than $12? This is what makes the online landscape so awesome, is that you can buy a 'domain' for less than $11 and then get hosting for about a penny. Check out my favorite place to buy domains right here.

That is just to get started!

There are other steps involved that we will discuss later, but the fact of the matter is, the cost to start an online business is less than 2 cups of coffee at Starbucks!

In our later years, a low budget restricts any "extra" we may have to survive. But I am an honest believer in that people will make room for what they want even if it means sacrificing a few 'wants' rather than needs. 

For example, a standard Netflix account costs about $9.99. Could you skip one month and use that money to start a business that might make you thousands of dollars? 

Something to think about...

Myth busted, online business is the way to go. Another nagging question....

How Long Will it Take To Make Money with It? 

We touched on this a little earlier, but let us make sure we got the point. 

Finding success with blogging depends on several factors.

(1) How much work will you put into learning the business

(2) The niche you choose

(3) A little luck

So making money online is not typical, many people try and many people fail. So your results may vary, but I will tell you my personal situation. 

I ventured off into trying to make money online on my own with no help or support. I tried to piece together YouTube videos and blogs. I took about 3 months to get myself on track, but once I was there and creating my website, I made my first dollar about 6 weeks into the training. By month 4, I was earning about $100 a month. By month 8, I was making about $300+ a month. By a year, I was bringing in consistenly over $1,000 a month and has been going up every month. 

starting a blog after retirement

So my results included me working a full-time job and taking care of a 1-year-old. Someone that has time to just pour into building an empire can blitz the training and make money much sooner than I did. 

A trap that many fall in is the 'instant gratification' wanting stuff done right now. This business is not for people with that mindset. Blogging takes time like a fine garden; you plant now and see what sprouts. 

How To Start A Blog! (4 Steps)

You can start a blog in 4 main steps: Choose and Interest, Build A Website, Attract Visitors, and Make Revenue. 

Not much more complicated than that.

But let's break it down to make sure you have a full understanding.

Choose an Interest

We have touched on this one a bit, but let us dive a little more into it. You will be writing about a topic so it would be helpful to choose an interest (or niche) that you are interested in writing. 

Few niches are too small to NOT make money. As we will discuss in step 3 once you have traffic you can make money. Regardless, it would be wise to choose an interest that has a base of products that can be promoted to people to help them satisfy their needs. 

Build A Website

This one may sound like a doozy, but it is not. 

Building a website nowadays, is so simple, that someone can create one in less than 30-seconds. Don't believe me? Check out this video right here

A simple system called WordPress has made blogging accessible to anyone willing to put in a little time to learn the platform. In fact, WordPress makes up a large majority of the websites on the internet because of its simplicity. 

Again, helpful guidance and step-by-step instructions can help you learn your new craft in no time.

Attract Visitors

This one is the tricky part. "If you create it, they will come" does not work with this. You have to create something of which people are looking.

For example, back to our coffee example. Do you know how I found that article idea asking, "what is the difference between dark roast and light roast coffee"? I got that idea from Google. 

Google tells us what people are looking for on the internet. As bloggers, we have to fill that void with good information that answers questions. Blogging is not difficult to do and has the potential of creating huge income monthly. 

So you will find keywords very similar to the ones I suggested and write detailed articles. This is what will attract people to your site. 

Earn Revenue

Finally, earning revenue from our website is where we all want to be. As I touched on earlier, where there is people, there is money to be made. You have to know how to make money off the traffic that your new site is getting. 

There is a slight trick to making money this way. My primary method of monetizing traffic is by using a method called affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is a concept that allows "everyday Joe's" like you and me to partner up with huge companies and they will provide us a commission any time someone we refer buys something from their site. 

For example, our article about dark and light roast coffee, we can direct people to buy good dark roast or light roast coffee and provide a link to Amazon.com. If people buy, Amazon will pay us a small percentage based on the fact that we referred them a customer. 

This is POWERFUL. 

This is powerful because at this point it is all a matter of numbers now. The more content you create drawing visitors, the more opportunity you have make a good chunk of money from writing a handful of well-written articles. 

This business model is simple and amazing all at the same time.

Who Can Help You Get Started?

Starting a blog after retirement can be done hundreds of ways. In fact, a lot of the programs on the internet work. They all come with varying pricing and levels.

However, this is where you want to be careful. There are products out there that costs thousands of dollars for them to teach you the ways of making money online. 

I caution to stay away from those places with ridiculous pricing on their information. There are plenty of resources online, with YouTube.

Ton's of the information found there is free and you can get started by putting the pieces together, so do not think you need to spend hundreds of dollars just to get started online. Getting started online can be done for pennies on the dollar. 

Don't get tricked.

How To Get Started - Free Offer

To be successful at blogging, it is advisable to have a little help. The last thing you want to do is sink time, money, and effort, and receive nothing in return. 

But, that will not be you. 

Even though a lot of online opportunities require you to pay money before you can see what's inside, it is refreshing to have an offer that does not require a single dime to start. In fact, you do not even need a credit card to learn.

As a bonus, You will get me as a personal mentor and accountability coach. So I will check on you from time to time to make sure you're on the right track.

Did I mention I do this for free?

Check out my free step-by-step video training right here and enter your email address. I will give you further instructions in the email. 

If you want to make money online the same way I was able to, you MUST check out my #1 Recommendation by Clicking Here


Want to make money online?

Sign up for my FREE "Learn to Earn" Video Series!

It shows you how to make money online STEP-BY-STEP!

Chris M

I am just a father that became a "stay at home dad" by launching an online business! Click Here Now to follow the same training that I used to do it! My mission is to deliver high-quality scam avoidance information and other online marketing information. Please comment below to ask about anything I missed, provide further insights or request new topics for me to cover. Benji and I Thank You! We look forward to being your one stop shop for all things related to the online marketing niche.

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Hi Chris,
Thanks for this information. I also had the perception that blogging takes a lot of computer skills and didn’t know where to start. Now that I’m on my way, I wish I would have started earlier. I have encouraged my mother in law and brother both who are retired to give blogging a shot. Blogging in retirement can stimulate the mind and keep creative juices flowing which is important once traditional working years are behind us.


Interesting advise to Starr a blog. Do I have to wait after retirement to do this or I can do it now? If i sign up , do I only get videos? Will you be coaching me? I would be happy to have a teacher because I am not good at self learning. I am really interested to do this but I am not at my retirement yet. Please advise.

Florence Ki
Florence Ki

I am doing exactly the same. Yes, I am also planning my retirement with building a blog! And I believe it is important to start as early as possible. I started my blog 3 years ago while I was still in my thirties. Now, I will soon doing this full time. But persistence and patience is really required to make blogging successful. Thanks for sharing such awesome post.

McKenzie Durham
McKenzie Durham

HI! This is awesome information! I think you have covered all the questions one would have for starting a blog! You covered all the questions I had before I started my own that is. It is awesome that you even give the basic steps. And you are right, you can create a blog online for ANYTHING! and make money with enough hard work and dedication to it!


Thank you for this wonderful article. I am 47 years old and started my blog while working hard for boss man and ready to start working for myself. I’ve only been with Wealthy Affiliates for only 3 months. Working hard on my blog with the information I’ve gotten from you today. It was more of an encouragement to reach my goals before it’s time to retire. I appreciate the great blog.

Sharon Whyte

Hi Chris,

What a great article. You are never too old to start an online business or a blog. Being retired means 2 things that will help you build an awesome website and blog. 1, you have the time to work on it and 2, you have the wisdom in many things. Imagine sharing what you have learned over the years (in your niche) to others.

And it truly can give you a fantastic passive income if you just become consistent with it.

Sharon Whyte

Hi Chris,

What a great article. You are never too old to start an online business or a blog.  Being retired means 2 things that will help you build an awesome website and blog.  1, you have the time to work on it and 2, you have the wisdom in many things.  Imagine sharing what you have learned over the years (in your niche) to others.

And it truly can give you a fantastic passive income if you just become consistent with it. 

Lynne Huysamen
Lynne Huysamen

I’ve never thought about blogging being something to take up in retirement but you are so spot on with all your points. From what I have read most people do not have enough money to live out the rest of their days when they reach retirement – they have too much time and too little money. Blogging will be the perfect way to stay at home and earn money in retirement!  Thankfully I have a while to go until I reach retirement age and my blogs are well on their way and earning me a full time income. I expect… Read more »