Is Norwex a Scam? Hot MLM or Pyramid Scheme?

Did you know:

...that more than half of the cleaning products that are available today are full of harmful chemicals that can harm you are your family and pets? 

If not, then this Norwex review is for you. But we will not be looking at the cleaning supplies themselve, but the business behind it. 

The Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company in which they are. 

There are tons of negative reviews of Norwex that seem to be taking over the internet when you try to do a little research on the company and how you can make money with it serving up safe cleaning supplies. 

So in this article, we will dive deep into the program that Norwex offers and see if it is something that can make you a millionaire or leave you short $200. 

norwex scam

Name: Norwex
Website: Norwex.biz
Price: $200... Or Else!
Overall Rank:  Revealed at the end!

Spoiler Alert: not a scam, but a typical MLM.

Norwex MLM: Quick Overview

This Norwegian MLM company was founded by a guy name Bjorn Nicolaisen in 1994. (hence the name NORex). 

The company was a huge success and within about 15 years expanded to the United States, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and even China!

So the gist of the entire company is offering 'clean' cleaning products. 

There is no secret that cleaning supplies that are typically used in homes all around the world contain harmful chemicals that are designed to kill germs, but end up hurting other members of the family like children or pets. 

As the years went on, Norwex released a long line of products that included microfiber cleaning cloths, personal care products, mops, dusting tools, dryer balls and more. 

Norwex gets overwhelmingly GREAT reviews! Here are a few on Amazon.

So the products they have do work. We will get into more detail about that later. 

But one thing that Norwex has prided themselves on is offering these items to people around the world. Sometimes the best way to get your products into the hands of the masses is word of mouth. 

Norwex does this using a simple tool called Multi-Level Marketing.

Norwex uses a strict fee structure that pays people to have 'parties' promoting the products. 

The products are typically overpriced for the only reason to pay all of the ppeole that need to be paid in your downline or upline (<==MLM terms...)

So if you want to become a consultant of Norwex, what should you expect ? It is truly a scam?

Norwex Scams? What to Expect Before Joining!

Most MLMs require pretty strict rules in order to maintain the income. 

Norwex is no different. 

At the lowest teir they require you to make $250 worth of sales each month. If you were to ever dip below it, you will lose out on earnings for that month. 

That amount of money can be achieved, but it is tough if you are not a great salesperson. 

It does not cost anything to sign up and they give you $200 worth of free products, but if you do not make the minimums you will be billed the the $200. 

In fact, you can see from this image, that if you do not make sales of at least $2,000 in your first 90 days, you are required to pay back the $200.

norex scam

That writing is wicked small that I had to go looking for to see. No doubt it is revealed to you AFTER you are given the products. 

But with the products available on Amazon, why bother? 

The Pros:

  • MLMs can Pay big bucks! 
  • MLMs are very structured
  • The Norwex products actually work

There are a few positives of MLMs is that can appeal to some. 

MLMs traditionally pay A LOT if you can work on recruiting and are successful at it. The bigger your downline the more money you will make. 

The structure is pretty good as well because you can count on it doing exactly what you expect. 

A negative of this is that MLMs can be pretty regid and if you are sick for a couple of weeks and make less than your required quota, you will lose oru benefits for the next month, no questions asked. 

Another great thing about the program is that the products really do work and are completely safe to use around the house without fear of harming the pets or children or yourself!

The Cons:

  • MLMs are tricky to understand
  • Require you to CONSTANTLY Recruit
  • Tick off your friends and family
  • Wicked EXPENSIVE
  • Will not work unless you do. Not passive income

MLMs are tricky to understand, and from what I can tell with Norwex, they do a good job at pushing the amount of money you can make before detailing how hard or difficult it can be to achieve those goals. 

Like most MLMs, your main job is to recruit other members. The more you recruit, the more in your downline and the more money you make. 

If someone 3 levels under you makes a sale, you get a small percentage of it. In some ways that is extremely passive. 

But building up your levels can be tiresome and difficult. I have had experiences where people sign up and never do a thing, so now you have dead weight at the bottom of your downline. 

You have to now motivate them to keep selling so that you can make money. 

Trust me, it is a big headache. 

Another thing to watch out for is the cost of the items. 

They are overpriced because they need to pay so many people. 

A lot of palms have to be greased in order for Norwex to even make a profit. Where a lot of secondary products can be substituted for almost a quarter of the price. 

A final thing that is annoying is that recruiting people is hard. If you cannot do it, than you are stuck trying to do a lot of the work yourself. 

So if you ever cannot work, your money stops right here. 

norwex scam

Is Norwex Worth The Money?

Just because something is worth the money does not mean that is has to be paid, in my honest opinion. 

So the products that are sold by Norwex are really good and work well. But there are so many alternatives that can be used, why spend the extra money unnecessarily? 

That is what makes being a consultant of theirs has such a hard time, how to convince people to spend more money than they need?

From a recruiting standpoint, the MLM is worth getting into if you have a wide range of leads that you can go with. 

When I say a wide range, I mean more than just your friends and family and the few hundred you have on Facebook. 

You need massive amounts of people to pitch this to. 

It is the only way that you can make good money with it. 

But consider what you will do once you have burned all of your leads... now what? 

That is where the creative juices will have to flow if you want to be successful with it. 

To me, it is not worth the effort. Unless you can somehow leverage the internet with your strategy.

Quick Look at Norwex Product Reviews

Are Norwex Products a Hoax?

The products work very well for what they are designed to do. They are not hoaxes at all. 

norwex scam

But are they worth the price? 

That is the real question. I have seen some markups of over 350%. Why? 

Just to pay Joe Schmoe four levels above me? 

I think that is bogus and a waste of people's time and money. 

A silver lining in all of this is that you can try a lot of these products for free at the 'parties' that are promoted by Norwex Consultants. 

If you are that convinced of the products, than you decide to buy then and there, just do not fall for the pitch to start selling the stuff yourself. 

A Look at Negative Norwex Reviews

Bad Norwex reviews tend to pop up quite often. 

But not for the products. 

They are mainly because MLMs suck really bad in a lot of ways. 

It can be hard to understand if you are not familiar with them and can frustrate and if you get caught with a $200 bill just simply because you did not understand the fee structure going into it. 

There is a PDF on the site that breaks down how you can get the $200 of free product to start your parties, but in INSANELY small print at the bottom, they break down just what you have to do to ensure you do not have to pay that back at some point. (Which was have $1000 worth of sales)

Norwex Compensation Plan

Norwex Consultant Reviews and Level Structure

There are 8 levels in the Norwex MLM structure. 

The higher your teir the more money you make, but also the more work that you do. 

This will be quick synopsis as you can get all of this information on the website as well. 

Sales Consultant

This is the entry level that everyone gets. The good thing about it is that you can earn 35% on all personal sales. With the inflated pricing, you can clean up quick. But you have to remember the other side of it, you have to convince someone else to overspend on a product. 

Team Coordinator

This is very similar to what DoTerra calls the Power of 3. 

You get 3 people under you and you earn a commission just for having them in your downline. You get 3% of their personal sales and $250 each month all 3 stay active. ​

To be honest, this is where most people drop off. 

You have to also maintain $250 worth of sales each month to keep the status.

Sales Leader

This is where recruiting comes to play and lots of it!

You need to recruit 10 and have a minimum of 10 in your downline. You will earn 5% of your groups sales and 1% of your team coordinators sales. 

You have to also maintain $300 worth of sales each month to keep the status.

Executive Sales Leader

Same as all the ones above but one level deeper. You get 5% on group sales, 2% on Level two

You have to also maintain $400 worth of sales each month to keep the status.

Senior Executive Sales Leader

Same ole, same ole... You get 5% on group sales, 2% on level one, and 1% on level two. 

You have to also maintain $500 worth of sales each month to keep the status.

VP Sales Leader

5% on group, 2% on level one and 1% on level two and another 1% on level three

You have to also maintain $750 worth of sales each month to keep the status.

Executive Sales Leader

My hand is hurting just typing these... sheesh...

Anyways, you get 5% on group, 2% on level one and 1% on level two and another 1% on level three PLUS 0.5% on level 4

You have to also maintain $1000 worth of sales each month to keep the status.

Senior VP Sales Leader


Anyways, you get 5% on group, 2% on level one and 1% on level two and another 1% on level three AND four and 0.5% on level 5

You have to also maintain $1000 worth of sales each month to keep the status.

Once you have reached the Senior VP Sales Leader you effectively open up the rest of the structure and earn money on your entire downline. 

So that is your goal. 

norwex scam

Is Norwex A Scam?: My Final Opinion

Norwex is not scam. 

But it can be a little misleading. 

It is your typical MLM and you have to live by MLM rules. Which can get annoying at times. 

The products they provide are of high quality and safer to use than your traditional cleaning products, so that is a really good selling point that you can take advantage of when you pitch this to your people. 

But with so many cheaper alternatives out there, it does seem like the point is lost and the main way to make money with Norwex is to recruit others to sell Norwex too. 

If you are not a people person, than this would not be the job for you. It requires a ton of face to face interaction and a lot of people I know like to stay behind the scenes. 

That does not mean that it cannot be done! 

If you have the personality and wit to dominate a room, than you can really be successful in any MLM, just be sure that you believe in the cause. 

norwex scam

So What Should You Do Now?

MLM's have their negatives and positives.

I personally think there are more negatives any time you have to be confined to a structure that is rather unforgiving. It is similar to having a day job, you have to do what you are told for a set wage. 

Anyways, there is a way that I was able to make a full-time income online. I started my own online business in 2015 and haven't looked back. It is insanely simple to do and it is free to get started. 

So even if you do not like it, you do not have to worry about losing any money. Which in my eyes is a win-win. Much better than being duped to getting $200 worth of free stuff from Norwex. 

Check it out right here... or simply click the image below!

Norwex Overall Scam Rank: 55 out of 100

VERDICT: LEGIT (But Not Worth Your Time)

If you want to make money online the same way I was able to, you MUST check out my #1 Recommendation by Clicking Here


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Norwex Scam or Not?
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Chris M

I am just a father that became a "stay at home dad" by launching an online business! Click Here Now to follow the same training that I used to do it! My mission is to deliver high-quality scam avoidance information and other online marketing information. Please comment below to ask about anything I missed, provide further insights or request new topics for me to cover. Benji and I Thank You! We look forward to being your one stop shop for all things related to the online marketing niche.

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I was just looking on the internet on more information on some kind of new product they have so I’m glad to read your article. I actually purchase Norwex products from a family member’s friend. I find they are quality, although a little expensive. I don’t do the party thing but I definitely like using them because they’re safer and doesn’t have all that chemical stuff in the material. Wow, I had no idea the reps have to make 250.00 of sales each month, so wonder they have to put the pressure on people like me. I’ll keep buying them… Read more »


Great article on Norwex scam review. I have a friend who sells Norwex and I have bought their face cloths and also cleaning cloths and products. I love that they are chemical free and the face cloths are amazing! Gentle on my face and can even use them around my eyes without having to worry about a rough surface on that gentle part of my face. I agree, Norwex isn’t a scan, products can be pricey but they last a long time and can you really put a price on chemical free products in your home? We have two dogs… Read more »


Thank you for letting us be aware of this pyramid scheme business. Anytime a company does not have a join for free service, to me, it is a scam. Then you have to maintain a certain level of production to qualify is another reason for you not to join. Why quit your 9 to 5 job? It looks like this is more of a slavery mentality opportunity than a business you would like to work from home. This is a very comprehensive review, and I am happy you take the time to make us aware of this. I am happy… Read more »


Somehow this Norwex company sounds like Amway to me. Basically you have to recruit people in to this affair, and then encourage them to recruit even more people. In my opinion this actually works, however people who are at the top of the chain did recruiting few decades ago, and it’s simply nearly impossible to start doing it now because the internet provides more and better opportunities then this. Thanks for sharing.

Harvey Brown

Hello Chris, good review. I have always been sceptical of any MLM, and Amway is the first that comes to mind. I do have to question why anyone would join Norwex, given that it is sold at Amazon. We all are aware that the trend is for more consumers to shop online and we have seen so many big box stores close. How will the members of Norwex survive in the future. I agree with you not a scam, but an uphill battle to generate an income.

Harvey Brown
Harvey Brown

Hello Chris, good review. It hit all the points why I would not join a MLM and provided a good understanding of what is involved with joining Norwex. The only recommendation I may have is to check the spelling and grammar. Although we have a great tool at SiteContent, they still miss things.

Anita Alig
Anita Alig

Hi Chris
after reading your review I won’t go near Norwex. It all seems like an awful lot of hard selling to make any kind of money. Surely there are easier and better ways to earn money online. Have you come across any other must-join affiliate programs? Please leave out Amazon as I am aware of that option. Thanks


Thanks for this revealing Norwex scam review. You have very well pointed out the two biggest issues with MLM’s, which are the pricing and the selling. You may be the best salesman in the world, but if your products are widely overpriced as stated, they will not sell. Some MLM’s give you a websites to sell products, this one you host a party? For the life of me I cannot imagine selling much there. How many parties you need to host? Leaves the recruiting, which also is not very easy, unless you have an extended network.


Great article about norex. That cool to see their products work, but I would hate to have and pay that much for some cleaning products.

Also while I’m sure you can make money from mlm companies, or much rather be rewarded based off my own efforts — then rely on the people below me.

Thanks again for this great review.


Thank you, Chris, for your revealing article on the Norwex scam review, I must say without a join free program available at all, it raises a brow right away for me. Honestly, I have alway’s questioned MLM program’s. especially for the beginner, what an uphill battle, they may not be a scam, however, the challenge is not acceptable. For me, I will stick with my new affiliate site and be my own boss. Great post and I will be following you Chris, sincerely, Jack


I had not heard of this product Norwex before, even though they actually trade in my country. Thank you for writing this. I don’t like using chemicals when I clean, so I use microfiber cleaning cloths whenever / wherever possible. I agree with you that MLM’s are wickedly expensive. In fact microfiber cloths can be purchased for as little as $3 each. so paying the high prices from a party plan is just a rip off. I like your point about having to recruit a team underneath you and making sure that the team stay active and sell heaps. I… Read more »