My Experience with Wealthy Affiliate, A Review From A Dad’s Perspective

Summary of Wealthy Affiliate (WA)

Name of Program: Wealthy Affiliate

Price to Join: $0 (Click Here for Main Page)

Upsells: None

Owners: Carson & Kyle

Overall Rank: 95 out of 100

Dad Approved? Scroll down to see!


This is My Experience Wealthy Affiliate

What're the best Internet Marketing Programs out right now?


Finally A Way to Make Money Online That Works!

There are a lot of ways to make money online... too many to be honest. Remember the feeling you get when you are scrolling through TV station after TV station trying to find something to watch?

Then you finally hit that old station playing the shows you watched growing up... Then you feel settled and relaxed?

That is what Wealthy Affiliate is to me. Through all the junk that is out there, the cream rises.

To say that the whole of the internet is vast is the greatest understatement that you can make. Just think about it, when you search "make money online" Google will give you 167,000,000 results.

That is approximately half the population of the United States. How can we possibly find anything of value in a sea of sameness?

Easy, be honest with yourself that you will need help to attempt to make money online.

Once you do that, you usually have to find help (the right help) by trial and error.

I went through it; all internet marketers do when they first start off. Then you think you know it all and sign up, create a website and watch it fail because you have no clear idea what you are supposed to be doing...

Depressing, I know. Been there, Done that. 

Then through the fog was a beacon of light. The prettiest girl in the sea of uglies... Wealthy Affiliate.

You never really appreciate something until you realize what life is like without it.

Sifting through all the trash that is on the internet about how to make money, when in fact THEY are making money off of you by giving little tidbits of information just to keep you subscribed and paying.

I've made the mistakes by signing up for one terrible site after another and I have wasted time and money.

But now, YOU were lucky enough to fall upon BenjisDad.com and I can and will help direct you from knowing little to nothing about the subject of making money online to getting to the point to where you can start your own business and make a full-time income online!

I am telling you that the world of making money online is not rocket science. Just takes a little diligence and work and you can make it.

So I ask again, What're the best Internet Marketing Programs out right now?

There is only one... WealtyAffiliate.com

Why Not Keep This A Secret?

I enjoy helping out. If I did not know how to help or what to do, I would go out of my way to learn and find out what I need just to make sure you got the help you needed.

Sounds nuts because how could I ever get anything done? I have to pick and choose, to be honest, but when It comes to things that I am passionate about (like making money online), then I am a sucker for seeing content smiles on faces of those that I have helped.

That is what I provide at BenjisDad.com. Everywhere else on the internet will give you a sales pitch and only want you to convert (or buy) from their site. I have a different angle, I will not mind taking you by the hand and directing you to the best experience you can get when it comes to learning how to make money online.

So I say all this to direct you to the No. 1 place that I have found the most help and assistance in making money online. This is the place that taught me the majority of what I know about internet marketing and I am suggesting it to you.

Give it a try, its free!

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a business building program that offers everything you will need to begin making an income online in a relatively short period of time. They, (with my help), will direct you from point A to point B. WA will help you

WA will help you do everything from coming up with an idea, building the website, garnering a following, then monetize (or make money) from it.

Wealthy Affiliate has nearly 1 million members with thousands of training and support modules.

The one thing that has impressed me the most about Wealthy Affiliate is the community. Have you ever heard that it takes a village to raise a kid?

The reasoning for this is because many people can keep the child in line as they grow and mature. The same is the case when it comes to learning how to make money online. Having that support system is what will keep you in line trucking forward to achieving your goal.

There are other communities that are out there that charge you JUST gain access. (StackThatMoney.com and MadSociety.net, etc...) Those sites are excellent for what they offer, but you will have to part with some money just to see what's going on. However, you can get started in your affiliate marketing journey for free with Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate will allow you to try it for free with no pressure to ever pay. You can always do that later if you want.

This community is helpful and their willing to help it's almost zen-like. How can so many people seemingly get along so well? It is because they are all like minded and getting the same training. The people that are doing the training are not just everyday Joe's; They are experienced industry leaders and experts in the world of Affiliate Marketing making millions!

Believe me, you want to learn from the experts, people that are successfull with making money online.  

The training, however, is not the only thing you receive by coming to Wealthy Affiliate. They include hosting for two websites for FREE. Just marinate on that for a moment, you get two websites and the training for $0 just for signing up.

The co-founders are Kyle and Carson and they have worked their butts off to provide an avenue for you and me to screw the 9-5 job and live a life that we are supposed to, at home with our families where they need us the most.


What's so great about Wealthy Affiliate? Let's list a few pros that I found to be helpful.


We already touched on it, but the community is the lifeblood of Wealthy Affiliate. Got a question at 3 am in the morning? There is bound to be a training, article, blog post, or someone else awake in the 24/7 chat available to help and at least point you in the right direction.

Success stories on top of success stories. You will never feel as though you are in the 'dark' because there is always something or someone available to get you out of the rut.


The training cannot be compared to anything. It is simple, constantly includes up-to-date videos and tutorials. Find something that appears to be a bit dated? There is a 'suggest and update' button on the top of nearly every page. Click it and literally within a few days, the training is up to par with industry standards. This helps make Wealthy Affiliate transparent and always relevant.

There are also...

  • Interactive discussions
  • Organized classrooms
  • Video training
  • Task-based courses to help you take action
  • Weekly live webinars
  • Miles and miles of easily searchable forums to find help on nearly any topic.


There are a number of tools that are available that will help you put together the training and put it to action right there without having ever to leave the website. Things such as:

  • Keyword Research Tools
  • 3-Click Website Builder
  • Keyword lists with low competition
  • Cloud Hosting (for premium members)
  • Access to nearly 2,500 website themes
  • Add 30,000+ different features to your site
  • Private 1-on-1 support with ME.. (yes the real me, Chris M from BenjisDad.com... not some virtual representation)

The great part about this whole thing is that all of these things and more are included.

Everything you need to start a business is right here, right now.


Let me preface this by saying that there is no perfect system. There are flaws in any system that you get. As people trying to leverage the money that can be made online, we have to go with the route with the least amount of friction, but the highest amount of success.

Thankfully, Wealthy Affiliate has this.

Now, this would not be a BenjisDad type of review if we were not critical. Benji wouldn't like that! And what kind of company would not like constructive criticism? If no one is ever honest with us, how can we improve? How can we make ourselves better so that we can succeed?

Wealthy Affiliate is not immune.

So here are a couple of things that I find that Wealthy Affiliate could do better with doing.

1. The Training May Be Too Good. This is a bit of a weird one but stay with me on it. This program is essentially for any and everyone, but especially for beginners. If you do not know what CPA, or CPC, or a landing page is, Wealthy Affiliate is definitely for you.

But once you have spent a few months absorbed in all the training, you can feel as though you have graduated.

Now, this essentially is a testament to how outstanding the training really is. 

The answer to the "now what?" question for most affiliate marketers is to build another site and duplicate the process which equals more money. That is where the limitless earning potential online is apparent.

Or you can go the route of becoming a trainer. Take the course of helping that next person make the life altering change to put something out on the internet and make real money from it.

I love helping and I can gladly thank Wealthy Affiliate for giving me the training necessary to convey that to those that are just getting started.

2. More centralized teaching on how to structure a website. The Wealthy Affiliate has one of the best courses that can be followed when it comes to teaching how to build websites and fill them with relevant content that gets ranked in search engines. But the design and planning to maximize conversion rates ( a conversion rate is a ratio of people that visit a site versus those that buy something or complete an action) could use a little more prominence in the main training.

Don't get me wrong, classrooms and tutorials are available that show exactly how to maximize conversions on your site; quite thoroughly in fact. It just takes a little research on finding it and see how others are doing it and converting.

But for this to be seamless, it would be nice to see some extra emphasis placed on how to design a site to assure that when people hit your page, you as a marketer are given the highest chance at converting them into a customer.

​Update: This has now been addressed and a pretty comprehensive training is included specifically devoted to structuring a website. 

What Kind of Support Do You Get?

Another outstanding benefit is the opportunity to get help from the co-founders of the company, Kyle and Carson.

This may seem like, oh yeah, suuure, whatever. But these guys are dedicated. How many company CEO's do you know that you can just stroll into their office and ask them how to start a website? Sounds crazy? Well, that is because it is crazy. But Kyle and Carson make themselves available which is a total break from the norm.

Kyle and Carson make themselves available which is a total break from the norm. They are kind of like my Wealthy Affiliate Aids. They make us look good by being there and available to answer even the most mundane questions with professionalism and class.

I have leveraged the help of these guys and many others and have rarely been disappointed with the results.

Pricing Plans of Wealthy Affiliate

There are two options for this:

The Starter Membership that costs $0. (yes, zero)

The Premium Membership that costs $19 for the first month then $49 per month thereafter or $359 a year (essentially $30 per month)

$0 seems like it's too good to be true, right? But it is not too good to be true, it is the ultimate reality.

Starters Get:

  • Instant access to the entire WA Community
  • 500+ Training modules
  • 3 Classrooms directed at certain topics
  • A chance to network with Super Marketers
  • Ability to ask questions and get real answers
  • Two free websites
  • Included Keyword research tool
  • Much More

Just sign up with an email address and you are given everything listed above and more. Get everything started and you have not even spent a dime of your own money yet.

Premium Members Get:

  • A Truly all-inclusive suite of goodies to get you on the road to success.
  • Included hosting of up to 25 sites with personalized domains and 25 free sites through SiteRubix
  • Keyword research tool
  • live events
  • hired help from anyone in the community
  • writing tools
  • mentorships
  • 1-on-1 expert help from a real person that is alive and breathing
  • Spam free society
  • Guarantee that you will never get scammed again.

Is It Dad Approved?

A resounding YES!

95 out of 100 score

What're the best internet marketing programs available?

There are a few, but Wealthy Affiliate takes the cake in my book.

Conclusion + Special Bonus

Join the starter program; it is only $0. If you really do not like it, come back, email me or leave a comment and you can tell me how crazy I am (seriously, test it out and come back and tell me).

Remember.... it is FREE!

Check out my full Wealthy Affiliate Review right here!

Once you join, I will make sure to get in touch with you soon after you join. Follow the training and thank me later for what you will learn. It's literally life altering.

Join Wealthy Affiliate NOW!

Get Going for only $0!

Special Bonus

When you join for free, if in the first seven days you realize that this is all I have hyped it up to be, you will be able to go premium for a 59% discount. It's insane, I know. But that is how much I believe in the system.

Just try it! It 's Free!

This as been my experience with Wealthy Affiliate, I would love to hear your feedback and personal experience below in the comments. Or if you have any questions, please feel free to join in on that also.

Chris M



Want to make money online?

Sign up for my FREE "Learn to Earn" Video Series!

It shows you how to make money online STEP-BY-STEP!

Chris M

I am just a father that became a "stay at home dad" by launching an online business! Click Here Now to follow the same training that I used to do it! My mission is to deliver high-quality scam avoidance information and other online marketing information. Please comment below to ask about anything I missed, provide further insights or request new topics for me to cover. Benji and I Thank You! We look forward to being your one stop shop for all things related to the online marketing niche.

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Jack Taylor
Jack Taylor

Hi Chris,

I hope you have already realized your goal of being a stay at home dad. If not, you are well on your way! I enjoyed reading your Wealthy Affiliate review. I stand by every word you wrote. I am a Wealthy Affiliate member. This course has changed my life as well as thousands of other people. Take Chris’s advice and join Wealthy Affiliate NOW! It’s FREE TO SIGN UP!


Rob S.
Rob S.

Being a member of Wealthy Affiliate is becoming a great experience. While I worked at home for many years, I wish that I had a program like Wealthy Affiliate back then. It is just the most thorough affiliate platform available today. I agree with every of the pros you list here and the cons makes sense. But as you say nothing is perfect. It cold use a little improvement in those areas. But if you want success? Wealthy Affiliate is it. flaws or not.


I have heard a lot about WA and people usually speak good about the platform, however, I really wonder how long does it take someone to actually make money from the platform.
How long did it take you to make money online and how is WA going to work for me?

John Rico
John Rico

Hey there! I’m interested on trying affiliate marketing. I heard that it gives decent amount of money. I don’t know how it works so I needed an affiliate program to help me with this affiliate marketing. After I read your article I think that wealthy is the best affiliate program that can help me with affiliate marketing. Thank you for sharing this review about wealthy affiliate.

best financial planners

best financial planners

Hello, I enjoyed reading through your article. I like to write a little comment to support you.

financial advisor

financial advisor

Great blog! Do you have any tips for aspiring writers? I’m planning to start my own website soon but I’m a little lost on everything. Would you recommend starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option? There are so many options…


Hey, first of all, thanks for this great, interesting and very informative review of wealthy affiliate.
I joined wealthy affiliate a few months ago and I really am enjoying it.
I even have made a few sales up until this point which is great.
It is very possible to make good money with them, if you are dedicated enough.

online school tips

online school tips

This is really attention-grabbing, You are a very skilled blogger. I’ve joined your rss feed and look forward to searching for extra of your great post. Additionally, I’ve shared your web site in my social networks

special education

special education

Someone necessarily lend a hand to make severely articles I’d state. That is the very first time I frequented your website page and thus far? I amazed with the analysis you made to make this actual put up amazing. Great process!


I have to be honest here: you have done a superb job explaining what wealthy affiliate is all about.

I have personally been through the premium training and as a result, have managed to create several websites and I am earning a full-time online income now.

Wealthy Affiliate has been a real blessing for me and my family and I am forever grateful to the founders Kyle and Carson for creating such a steller affiliate training environment.

Thank you again for such a wonderful review of wealthy affiliate and more success to you as you grow your online presence.


Douglas Hamilton
Douglas Hamilton

so, let me guess, your promoting Wealthy Affiliate.
I thought Google didnt like too many affiliate links. you have bloody heaps in there, form last count;.