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What's the best keyword research tool for SEO?

Jaaxy.com. The Worlds most advanced keyword research tool.

But why? What makes them so unique from other competitors?

The No. 1 key to getting traffic online is getting ranked on or near the first pages of search engines, especially the mothership Google.com. Search Engine Optimization or (SEO) is the best way to make passive income online. It is FREE. It lasts. It can go viral. The list goes on for the many ways in which SEO can and will become your best friend in your endeavor to make money online.

If the goal is to rank on search engines, you have to have the right tools to make this happen.

Ever tried to hammer a nail into wood using a socket wrench? Of course not, you would use a hammer! The point is, you have to have the right tools to get the job done.

Jaaxy.com is that hammer for all of your SEO needs.

It is an essential part of my business, and after we are done here, you will see why it should be an essential part of yours.

My Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review

Jaxxy is one of the lesser known keyword research tools in the industry right now. That is a good thing. It is like that little-known whole in the wall restaurant that has the best food in town.

This has been the tool that has helped me build my online business since day 1. Frankly, without Jaaxy, my business would have failed.

If I had a list of things that "contributed to my success," Jaaxy would be top 3.

I have been a full-time user of Jaaxy for a while now and haven't had the need to venture too far out with other mediums. The program just flat out works as advertised.

Why is Jaaxy My #1 Keyword Research Tool for SEO?

This isn's a sales pitch. So I will not bore you with statistics, just my experience with the service. I can easily recommend this to anyone that is venturing off into the world of affiliate marketing regardless of the level of experience.

1. Accurate Results - What is the point of a tool if it is not precise and accurate? Jaaxy provides accurate results that can be compared to other similar services like Google Keyword Planner or Google themselves.

An affiliate marketer cares for one thing.... ranking for keywords. If you have a service that will tell you what to target before you even begin that blog post is invaluable. It is practically cheating. Especially with the fact that so many get into this industry without taking advantage of services such as Jaaxy.

2. Saves Time - Let me put it to you this way. In about 5 minutes. You can find lucrative and profitable keywords that can make you tons of money. It's addicting. I find myself just punching in random words just to see the competition. I can even be at Target with BenjisMom and see a random product on the shelf and wonder, hmmm, I wonder what kind of competition that word has on the world wide web.

That is what this program affords you because it is so quick and easy to use.

3. Free to Try - You no doubt remember my firm stance on trying things for free. If a product were indeed worth your time and money, the producers of that product would let you try for free and let the product sell itself to you.

That is what the good folks over a Jaaxy.com allow you to do.

Take advantage of the free offer. That is exactly what I did. Tried it out and realized that I could not live without it.

Take Your Keyword Research To The Next Level

The program is designed in a way that will allow you to test it out, FOR FREE! 

Take advantage today and sign up only if you feel you will not be able to live with out it! (Which I cannot!)​

There are three levels of users available at Jaaxy.


gives you 30 searches to try it out. Believe me, once you get seasoned with using the program, you will not need 30 searches to plan out a site.


gives you unlimited searches and a little faster interface.


offers lightning-fast speed and column manipulation.

Honestly, enterprise is overkill. Pro is what I use, and it works great.

What's the best keyword research tool for SEO?

What about Jaaxy is important to me and my business?

There are 5 spots that make Jaaxy.com my one stop shop.

1. Keyword box - this box is self-explanatory. You place your searches in this box and click Find Keywords.

2. Avg. - This is the "average." This is the average number of monthly searches a particular keyword has. This field is important because you want to rank for words that are getting traffic and searches online.

What's the best keyword research tool for SEO?

3. QSR - This little-known acronym describes "Quoted Search Results." This is the secret for all affiliate marketing. Search for words in quotes so that search engines will search for the exact phrase. This is extremely helpful when determining the true competition of a keyword.

But without having to go to a search engine typing your words, placing them in quotes, and then clicking the last page to see the results. Jaaxy automatically does this exercise for you.

4. Related Keywords - After you begin searching for your narrowed keyword, Jaaxy will give you other iterations of the keyword you are researching. You can then plug in the keyword and all of a sudden you found the perfect keyword to target and get to ranking fast!

5. SEO - the SEO column is probably one of the most important columns on the site. This SEO number, in conjunction with the traffic light (red, yellow, and green) tell you if a word is worth pursuing. This is the secret sauce to the success of the tool.

Did I mention that the tool was free to try and use? In fact, check it out below.

The Conclusion and Is It Daddy Approved?

Anyone (literally ANYONE) can have success online by using this simple yet powerful tool. With this tool and the right training, you can succeed also. Click here now for the right training.

I promise that if you use the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool, your online business will kick-off on the right foot. But even if you have already established a website, you can rewarding old posts and make them SEO friendly. I the other billions of word com is just a matter of time before you start using this tool and you will be turning around teaching the next whippersnapper how to earn income online passively.

Daddy Approved?

Daddy Approved? YES!

Increase Your Traffic Immediately! 

Try Out Jaaxy.com Today!

Now that you have found the best tool out there for Keyword Research, what will you do with this knowledge? 

Check Out BenjisDad.com's Review of Wealthy Affiliate! 

This system will show you step by step how to go from nothing, to have a fully operating and functioning website in a matter of days. It is simple and easy to learn. ​If you get stuck, just ask me for some help! I will be glad to get you going!

​Have you had any experience with other search tools? Let me know in the comments and we can see who uses the best one!

This is BenjisDad signing off!

Chris M

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