Is MyPoints A Scam?: Shocking Review

There’s a huge number of websites on the Internet today that claim to pay you for completing different tasks including MyPoints. But is MyPoints A scam?

In short, no. MyPoints is a great opportunity to create a little bit of a side hustle. But the sad thing is, there is much emphasis to put on 'little'. You will not become rich using this service, but you can use it to make a few bucks here and there.  

It can get tricky when deciding which sites are legitimate and which sites are scams. If you’re going to spend time filling out surveys, watching videos, or completing offers, you need to know that the website is trustworthy.

Otherwise you may as well just use a legit service to make money online like this one. 

In this article, we’re going to talk about As part of Prodege, LLC., MyPoints is a large and popular website.

But is it worth joining?

is mypoints a scam

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Spoiler Alert: not a scam

Is MyPoints Legit?: Quick Overview

What is MyPoints?

MyPoints is a website that has been around since 1996. It pays its members for completing a variety of different tasks. In fact, MyPoints stands out from competing sites because of the wide range of earning opportunities it offers.

Becoming a member of MyPoints is simple. After you provide a valid email and password, as well as your name, gender, birth date, and zip code, your account will be created. You’ll then need to validate the email address. Scam? What to Expect Before Joining!

As mentioned above, MyPoints offers a huge number of ways for its members to earn points. Whether you have hours to spend making money or just a bit of extra time occasionally, this website has money-making tasks for you.

These are the earning opportunities on MyPoints:

Online shopping and Score browser extension

There are over 1,900 retailers that you can shop at through the MyPoints site. From Macy’s to The Home Depot and even eBay, there’s something for everyone. Next to each retailer you’ll see the number of points that you’ll earn per dollar spent at that store.

MyPoints Score is a browser extension that members can download easily. With Score, you don’t have to shop through the MyPoints website to earn points on your online purchases--the extension will automatically add points to your account for purchases made on eligible retailers’ sites. Score will also provide you with current coupon codes that you can use at checkout. It’s super convenient and takes the hassle out of earning points from online shopping.

is mypoints a scam

Local shopping with Groupon, LivingSocial, and vouchers

You’ll also earn points for each dollar you spend on Groupon, LivingSocial, and for other purchases using vouchers.

Market research surveys

MyPoints members can complete research surveys to earn points. Surveys vary in topic, from health to travel, lifestyle and more. After creating your MyPoints account, you can complete a quick, 3-minute survey that will help the site gather more information and find surveys for you. You’ll always be able to see the duration and point value of a survey before you start. Surveys can be worth anywhere from 50 to 400 points.

BonusMail paid emails

You may occasionally receive BonusMail emails from MyPoints. By opening these emails and making one click, your account will be credited 5 points.


MyPoints compiles video playlists about all sorts of topics. News, culture, food, fitness, and technology are just a few of the many video categories you have to choose from. You can earn up to 500 points just by watching playlists all the way through.

Finding online content with nCrave

nCrave from MyPoints is a compilation of articles, videos, and slideshows for your viewing and entertainment. You can earn points just by exploring this frequently updated content.

Paid offers from a range of companies

MyPoints has a wide range of paid offers available to their members. These offers come from numerous popular companies and many are worth several thousand points. The most profitable offers will require you to provide credit card information or make an upfront payment, however.

Deals and coupons

MyPoints has coupons and discounts that could save you money on day-to-day purchases, including groceries. Points will be credited to your account when you redeem these coupons.

Online searches

Search the web with “Yahoo!” and be entered to win as many as 170 points. Web searches won’t earn you points automatically, instead giving you only a chance to win, so it’s not the best money-making tactic.

is mypoints a scam

Online games

When you spend money to play popular games like Bejeweled, Solitaire, Angry Birds, and more through MyPoints, you’ll earn points for every dollar.

Referral program

When you refer friends to join MyPoints, you’ll earn 10% of their qualifying points.

Clearly, as a member of MyPoints, you’ll be able to make money in many different ways. Earning opportunities range in value; some tasks are worth more points than others.

On MyPoints, not all tasks are free to complete. To earn points through online shopping, coupons, and offers, you’ll have to spend money first.

With that said, you don’t need to provide credit card or bank information to sign up for MyPoints, so you can easily choose to only complete tasks that are free.

is mypoints a scam

How to Get Paid by MyPoints?

Cash payments

You can choose to convert your points directly into cash payments, either as a PayPal deposit of a Visa prepaid card.

Gift cards

Get paid in gift cards for retailers such as AMC, Best Buy, eBay, Macy’s, and more. There are 70 retailers in total to choose from. The minimum payout for gift cards differs depending on the retailer. For instance, you can get an Amazon gift card with as few as 480 points, which is equal to $3.

Travel points

You can redeem your MyPoints earnings as United MileagePlus travel miles.

Is MyPoints A Scam?: My Final Opinion

So, now you know the inner workings of MyPoints and what the site has to offer its members. But the question remains:

Is MyPoints worth joining?

Not only is MyPoints completely legitimate, but it’s also among the best websites for earning money today. While you will have to watch out for offers that cost money, MyPoints has plenty of free earning methods for members to enjoy.

Plus, the Score browser extension is an amazing tool for earning cashback on online purchases.

I recommend joining MyPoints if you’re looking for a way to earn money online. The site is simple to navigate, offers numerous ways to earn, and gives you several options for redeeming points.

You have nothing to lose--MyPoints is easy to join and often fun to use, so become a member today.

So What Should You Do Now?

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MyPoints Overall Scam Rank: 79 out of 100


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