Is Lucktastic A Scam? My Unusual Lucktastic Review

Is Lucktastic a scam? Is Lucktastic Legit? Or can it be a legitimate source of income? 

In this day and age one thing that we have to constantly contend with is technology. Do not get me wrong, I was a former IT professional myself, so I LOVE technology. 

But with new technology, comes new ways that people can be talked out of their money. Product providers are notorious for finding sneaky ways to get apps installed on your phone just to get you playing a seemingly fun game, an BOOM!

Hit you with the credit card payment request for you to continue going... 



Read my honest Lucktastic Review below and we will get to the bottom of this together. 

Name: Lucktastic
Website: Lucktastic.com (needs Android or iPhone)
Price: Depends. There are many 'Packages'
Overall Rank:  Revealed at the end!

Spoiler Alert: Totally not a scam, but a lot is left up to chance...

Lucktastic Legit? Quick Overview

When you first join Lucktastic, the learning curve is moderately steep. Almost to the point that you may give up on it after a few minutes of frustration. But actually, if you take a little time and do the tutorials, you will get it and start on the train to making a few buck (emphasis on few.)

In my honeset opinion, the app begins asking for money a bit too quickly. You have just started the scratch games and it needs you to buy tokens already. I would have expected to get me hooked on the games at least first, THEN start the hard sells, but I could be in the minority for thinking this. ​


How Does The Lucktastic App Work?

If you are a fan of the lottery scracth-offs, this may be just the addicting game for you. It can become an addicting game and there are a LOT of advertisements.

This can be annoying at time, but it's the way that Lucktastic pays the bills, but also they way that they are able to pay you winnings. 

I am not much of a gambling guy, so this part of the entire process did not really appeal to me. But I can definitely see the potential... if you have the patience and nothing else better to do. ​

Much like gambling, don't expect to become rich with this service. 

Just like you cannot leave your life up to chance, you cannot leave your well-being to chance either. 

This app is just for fun, you will likely not make any real money with it. You can win money, but do not expect any full-time income type money. (Learn how you can right here!)

The amount of daily bonuses your receive and other bonus tokens will keep you coming back over and over again constantly accumulating tokens... but really just to waste more time. 

The service is legit, but don't expect a miracle. 

Check out some of the games on Lucktastic in this video

What Are the Scratchcard Games?

The types of games you can play with this app differ greatly, so in all honesty, you should be able to find a game that tickles your fancy. 

You earn rewards through the scratches and the types of rewards you get can be either cash or tokens. I will go over this in more detail later.

Now the amounts of each reward that you receive can vary greatly.

Some games offer $100 winnings, where others only offer $2 if you were to win. For what it is worth, there are a few that have over $1,000 ​in prizes, but as you can imagine these would be pretty difficult to win, let alone get offered the game. 

The bigger the prize, the harder the task. ​

An example game that I can go into is the one pictured below called "Cat Scratch Fever"

This is definitely one of those games that closely resemble the scratch-offs you get from your local corner store. You get three matches and you win the prize. ​


Can you really make money with this? If so, how much!?

So, to be really frank, this game has pay-outs of thousands of dollars. Which is crazy that it is able to offer such... but you have to be a little lucky when playing Lucktastic. 

It essentially is just like any other lottery game. You enter a pool of thousands of people trying to win by feeding the beast and the payouts get bigger and bigger. 

One tactic that a lot of programs use is the real life reviews or testimonials. 

Lucktastic is no different. 


Now I totally believe that these are legit winners. But like may progarms out there, Lucktastic offers rewards to those that have won to take a picture or record a video to post on Youtube.com advertising for Lucktastic.

It is really a tactic that works well because a simple Google search will reveal hundreds of people that have won with Lucktastic and made videos or post pictures. 

You can win with the app, but just like any lottery, you have to feed into it a lot more than you will ever get out of it. 

Rewards that are offered - Getting a check!

You get 'gold' with your payouts. 

You then can swap it out using Dwolla for hard cash. For those unfamiliar with Dwolla, it is similar to Paypal. 

You also have the option of getting a Visa gift card or a check like you see in the pictures above. 

The app even offers you teh ability to cash in your tokens in the app and they will offer things like Burger King coupons, Amazon gift cards, etc... ​


Token Versus Hard Cash

Lucktastic pays out tokens and cash, as we have mentioned previously. 

With your payouts after playing the scratch-off games, dollars equal dollars. That is a straight exchange from in game to however you want your money given to you.

Now the tokens are a bit different. ​

Depending on what you are wanting to do with your truckload of tokens, you can trade them in for the things that I mentioned earlier. 15,000 tokens translates to $10. 23,000 can get you a $5 Amazon giftcard.

When you do the math, we are talking about $1 for every 4,600 tokens for the Amazon card.

For the record that is a terrible ratio. ​

My Final Lucktastic Opinion

The amount of time spent with this game does not translate well for the amount of money that you get from it. 

They offer daily rewards, but even if you do it eve