Is Bzzagent A Scam? My Honest Review

Is Bzzagent A Scam?

BzzAgent is a completely legitimate website that offers the unique opportunity to test out products in return for social media activity. If you’re an active member of social media platforms, BzzAgent is a fantastic site for you to join.

If you’ve been looking around the web for money-making platforms, you may have come across BzzAgent. While it doesn’t send you money, gift cards, or other similar rewards, BzzAgent promises to send you product samples without charging a penny.

Receiving great products in the mail for free sounds like an awesome deal, but is it too good to be true?

We’re going to dive into BzzAgent and tell you everything--how it works, what it takes to sign up, and whether or not it’s legitimate.

Ready to get started? Let’s learn all about BzzAgent.

is bzzagent a scam

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Spoiler Alert: not a scam

Is Bzzagent Legit?: Quick Overview

What is Bzzagent, exactly?

BzzAgent is a major WOM, or “word of mouth”, company based out of Boston, Massachusetts that works with consumers and brands in the United States, Canada, Brazil, and the UK. It began in 2001 and uses social media to boost companies’ sales.

BzzAgent is a section of dunnhumby, which is the world’s top customer science company--pretty impressive, right?

Social media is a fantastic platform for informing friends, family, and followers about great products. BzzAgent knows that; they link consumers with products to generate sales for a variety of brands.

BzzAgent works with several major, popular brands like Wal-Mart, Bayer, Purina, and L'Oréal, to name a few. The site is frequently working with up-and-coming brands as well, so you could get the chance to try out new, exciting products.

BzzAgent members receive free products and services to test out. In return, they share their thoughts and opinions on those products using their social media accounts. As a member of BzzAgent, you’ll essentially receive freebies in return for relevant social media posts.

is bzzagent a scam

Bzzagent Scam? What to Expect Before Joining!

After signing up for BzzAgent, you’ll be presented with a simple survey. It will ask questions about your interests and preferences on a variety of products. BzzAgent uses this survey to match you with products that you’ll enjoy. You should periodically go back and update the profile surveys so that BzzAgent can always find great new products for you.

As a member, you’ll need to link your social media accounts, like Facebook and Twitter. These are the platforms you’ll use to talk to friends about the products you receive.

BzzAgent will search for campaigns that fit your profile. Once they find a good match, you’ll be sent an email invitation to participate in that campaign, (you can also see invites on your BzzAgent homepage).

You should note that BzzAgent will ask for a significant amount of personal information to match you with campaigns. This is the case with many money-making websites, but regardless, you should still take that into account.

is bzzagent a scam

Campaigns typically have an eight-week duration, so you have plenty of time to participate after getting invited. To successfully participate in a campaign, you’ll complete activities that differ depending on the product. These are some activities that you can complete:

Writing a thoughtful review of the product you receive.

Posting about the product on Twitter, Facebook, or another one of your social media accounts.

Uploading photos and videos of the product.

BzzAgent keeps track of your activities. It’s more important to complete three activities well then numerous activities not so well. For example, one high-quality photo of the product and a few comments back and forth with your friends is better than several poor-quality photos posted back-to-back.

As long as you do a good job with the activities for each campaign, you’ll get invited to participate in more campaigns and your BzzScore will be positive.

What is BzzScore?

Your BzzScore is a measure of your participation on BzzAgent campaigns. It’s a good idea to keep your BzzScore as high as you can, because the higher your score, the more campaign invitations you get, (and the more free products you’ll receive!).

To keep your BzzScore as high as possible, make sure you complete three activities for each campaign you participate in. Do your best with each activity, because that will make a big difference at the end of the day.

Wondering what makes for an awesome BzzScore? 

Here are the main factors:

The campaign activities you participate in are, as mentioned previously, important. The number and quality of activities matter. Your posts, reviews, comments, etc. are looked over by the BuzzAgent team, who will make a judgement on quality.

What BzzAgent calls “engagement” also matters when calculating your score. When several people like, comment, or share one of your posts about a product, it will boost your score.

The larger your social media following is, the more valued you’ll be as a BzzScore member. This is important because the more followers or friends you have, the more people you can introduce to products.

is bzzagent a scam

The BzzScore is important to our overall review of BzzAgent because it makes a big difference as to how rewarding the site is. BzzAgent sends more campaign invitations, (and therefore more free products), to members with higher BzzScores.

Your score is updated every single time you participate in some way with BzzAgent. That can be filling out a survey, posting a photo, writing a review--the list goes on. So, you always have the chance to boost your score.

Is Bzzagent A Scam?: My Final Opinion

So, after we’ve gone over all of that information, is BzzAgent worth joining?

In my opinion, BzzAgent is a great site to join if one or both of these points apply to you:

You have a large social media following.

It’s far easier to be successful on BzzAgent if you have a large amount of active followers on your social media account. Without a sizable following, you may have trouble receiving campaign invites.

You’re willing to actively post about brands in order to receive free products.

While it’s true that you can receive products without paying any money on BzzAgent, you will have to promote those products in return. Of course, if you didn’t like a product, your negative feedback will still count as activity and it won’t count against you.

However, simply getting the product and enjoying it by yourself won’t make for success on BzzAgent.

So What Should You Do Now?

So Bzzagent is a pretty "active" type way to make money online. If your BzzScore dips, then no one will send you products. 

Honestly, I think that is kind of crappy. The dream is to make money online without having to actively work on it. A true passive income.

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Bzzagent Overall Scam Rank: 71 out of 100


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