Is Bitpetite a Scam? My Bitpetite Review!

The bitcoin phenomenon is really starting to grow legs in the community online. But is Bitpetite a scam? 

Well before we can declare it a scam or not, so that we are on the same page, let us define what bitcoin is to begin. 


Imagine having money stored in a cloud. But this is the most secure cloud known to man. No one knows you are storing money in there, in fact, you can use that cloud currency to pay for almost anything without being tracked. It is all anonymous.

Sound like a good idea? Well if you want to keep money away from governments, IRS, banks, and other prying eyes, this is something that may be worth looking into.

BenjisDad.com is a site about how you can make money online and avoid all of the scams, so we will look at this from the angle of how you and I can make money from it.

So essentially, Bitcoin is a highly secure form of digital currency that cannot be tracked at all.

Because of the secure (or hidden) nature of bitcoin, it is often used to purchase illegal or unsavory products, like drugs, guns, hitmen, etc...

This does not necessarily mean however, that buying a line of coke is the only use for Bitcoin. 

There are services (like Bitpetite) that promise to invest the bitcoin currency you have to earn you dividends and have your money make money for you. 

That is were Bitpetite.com comes in. 

You can invest your bitcoins into this service and they promise to make you money! But is Bitpetite legit? Can you make money with it? or is Bitpetite a scam. Find out more below. 

is bitpetite a scam

My Bitpetite Review!

Name: Bitpetite
Website: bitpetite.com
Price: how ever much you want to invest
Overall Rank:  Revealed at the end!

Spoiler Alert: Not a scam, but I can think of 10 other more trustworthy ways of earning income

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Bitpetite Quick Overview

Bitpetite is basically a cloud based investment firm that acts like a bank paying you interest on the money that you store with them. 

They boasts returns of nearly 4% on investments, even paying 1% on the weekends. If you are familiar at all with a regular savings account at your local bank, you would be luck to get 0.025% on your money. Bitpetite offers more than 4x that mark.

The only caveat you have with this type of transaction is the fact that you have to learn the whole 'bitcoin' language that exists on the internet. It isn't hard to do, per se, but it does take some getting used to. 

Bitcoin used to be the shady red-headed step-child in the corner, but in recent weeks and years, it has become quite common. 

You can imagine why governments do not like Bitcoin since the value of which cannot be known without you telling them. In fact, many lands are trying to outlaw the use of Bitcoin so that they can continue tracking the money that is being made by the members of the society. 

The future of Bitcoin is always in question since its 2009 adoption because of the enemies it makes when it comes to local governments getting paid. 

So I would definitely proceed with caution.

is bitpetite a scam

What to Expect with Bitpetite

Expect professional service and your anonymity kept completely... well.. anonymous. 

You login or create an account (for the record, it would be wise to do all of this on a VPN, remember you do not want to be tracked!) and you are brought to your dashboard that shows your profit statistics. 

There you see the amount of money that you have invested through Bitpetite and what you have earned in dividends and what has been paid out to you. 

Toward the middle of the page, you can see the investment proposals, or places that you can invest and diversify your portfolio. You can move as much money around as you want to maximize your earning potential. 

is bitpetite a scam

The Good:

The number one best benefit of bitcoin is the anonymity that accompanies the product. It helps you keep money away from those you do not want to know about it. 

You can make withdrawals at any time and make any deposits you want at any time. 

The investments DO PAY, and pay well. 4.5% return on any money invested can be a saving grace for those other plans that can barely get you to 1% in returns. 

Bitpetite is fast and secure and if you refer someone, they will pay you a commission on whatever they invest. Which is a huge plus for affiliate marketers. 

The Bad:

Using Bitpetite (or any form of bitcoin investment strategy) is something that can come across as 'shady' or 'scammy'. Really anything in the world that lets you do things without attaching a name to it can come across as being dishonest or suspicious. 

Another thing to watch out for is the fact that these are investments. Investments into anything is rarely guaranteed to get you any kind of returns. Ask any stock market guru, trying to stay ahead of the market is very difficult and can cost you big money if you do not pull out in time. 

And to me, that is where Bitpetite falls short. 

Through no fault of its own, Bitpetite is run due to the effect of and popularity of bitcoin. Bitcoin is very a new form of currency and is largely unregulated in anyway. Things like that only last for so long. 

is bitpetite a scam

There is nothing to say that the bitcoin fever that seems to be taking over is can die in an instant. Without regulation of any kind, who is to stop someone from being dishonest and smashing the whole system. Then if that did occur, no one would be held accountable. Which is a bit of a scary. 

Do you really want to wake up one morning just to see that a site has shut down and your digital wallet (place to store your bitcoin) has just vanished? 

Unfortunately, that is what happened in recent weeks. The site is gone and does not look to be coming back. Those that have invested in it has lost all of their money. 

I have heard reports of people getting their money back, but it is totally something that I tried to warn people about. 

And I feel bad for the people that have lost money and hope that they would list to BenjisDad.co in the future. 

Affiliate Program

This originally was listed as a 'good' in this review, but then I thought some more and though to list it as a negative.

I say that because in the world of affiliate marketing there are quite a few people that will only promote and sell items based on the commissions they can get paid from it. Bitpetite pays you money based on nearly every investment that your referral makes. Which is a very good thing...


This causes many to overly sell the products in hopes of you investing so that they can make the money off of you. 

So basically do not invest in this just because a friend told you to use their link. Only invest if you have totally vetted the product and ready to take the plunge fully knowing that you may not get that investment back.

is bitpetite a scam

Who is Bitpetite For?

Bitpetite is for anyone looking to make a few extra bucks without minding the added risk of the shaky existence of bitcoin. 

However, with that said, if you have the extra money to take a chance with and you do not mind possibly losing the money, then go right ahead. The returns that Bitpetite promises with over 4% is outstanding. Way better than that CD you have that earns you just under 2% (plus the money is not liquid)

Bitpetite is fully transparent and offers many different ways to diversify the money being invested. 

As always, proceed with discretion and caution. 

Only invest what you are willing to lose incase it turns south on you. That is true for any investment walk of life. 

is bitpetite a scam

Bitpetite Tools & Training & Support

In terms of training, Bitpetite offers very little upon first glance. 

Their help section is very unhelpful and FAQs do not really answer any of my frequently asked questions. 

However, there is a Skype, email contact, and live chat that is available online that will assist you in any phase you need. 

The respond quickly and usually have an answer to your question if you run into any along the way. 

Bitpetite Price

Remember that in the world of Bitcoin, 1 bitcoin = about $3800 US Dollars (as of Sept. 2017). So it costs to get started. 

But what I have found is that many places will allow you to buy fractions of bitcoins so that you can build your way up to the $3800 or so. 

The initial investment is really up to you and your budget. You do not want to get in to the point that you cannot live or are broke financially in hopes of turning a 4% profit. It is just not worth it. 

Only invest what you are willing to possibly lose. 

My Final Opinion of Bitpetite

Investments are just that investments. 

You should never invest any money anywhere without first being prepared to lose it in case it does not work out. Which is exactly what happened with Bitpetite. 

I would definitely not recommend putting your whole life savings into a nefarious cloud investment firm without hopes of turning a profit. 

When reading reviews of places that tout being able to invest money, you do very little work, and you make money from it, just always be cautious and understand the market could tank tomorrow and leave you bitcoin-less (penny-less didn't fit there...). 

Invest at your own risk. 

So what should you do?

You will make a few bucks in trying out this product but there is no telling how long it will last.

However, but there are many other ways in which you can make money online without the unscrupulous methods that are employed when dealing with bitcoin. 

For example, you can earn a full time income online passively by building a simple website and blogging. It is wicked easy and the step by step instructions that are available make it so that no experience is required at all. 

Check out my recommendation by clicking right here and read more about Wealthy Affiliate and see if it something you may be interested in. 

[UPDATED 10/30/2017]

We have noticed that Bitpetite.com's availability has been going up and down in recent weeks, but the last day or so seems to have gone completely down. 

Do you have money invested with Bitpetite.com? If so, comment below to tell me if they have contacted you about it or if you are worried at all.

[UPDATED 11/04/2017]

Reports on Twitter and others are saying that Bitpetite is gone for good. So I would look for another way to invest into bitcoin and leave Bitpetite alone. 

This proves that the volatile nature of bitcoin investment sites are something to watch out for and are nothing that can be considered stable. 

If you really want to earn a full time income, I suggest you use the same method that I use and is totally insulated from just disappearing like Bitpetite has done. 

Check it out right here. Or click the button below.

Overall Scam Rank: 55 out of 100

VERDICT: NOT LEGIT (in light of new evidence.... I would stay away from Bitpetite or any of its clones on the internet)

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Chris M

I am just a father that became a "stay at home dad" by launching an online business! Click Here Now to follow the same training that I used to do it! My mission is to deliver high-quality scam avoidance information and other online marketing information. Please comment below to ask about anything I missed, provide further insights or request new topics for me to cover. Benji and I Thank You! We look forward to being your one stop shop for all things related to the online marketing niche.

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Thank you for this in-depth review, Chris.

Bitpetite sounds interesting and I was really thinking I could try them out until I read that 1 bitcoin = about $3800. I didn’t know a Bitcoin was worth that much!
Bitcoin is very popular in the Middle East, so I’m wondering whether I would still need to use VPN–it is illegal to use VPN here in Saudi Arabia and the government warns netizens not to use it at the risk of doing jail time.

Is the training at Bitpetite free or do people have to invest first before getting access to the training material?

sunday philipo
sunday philipo

is this site true to make investment?



i’m in with some LTC on this page. For now i am getting my divident every hour and can see my earnings..

Will report for sure if problems occures.

Be aware of site BITDRAGON LTD. They offer 9% daily, but it’s a scam!!! have bad experience with them.
With bitpetite now everything is ok.


The review misses out on a few basics of bitcoin, first bitcoin is far from anonymous, every transaction can be traced, it is just the wallet adress that is hard but not impossible to be linked to a person, that is why this site exists, it is not a bank but a service to break the trace between the payer and reciever of the money by recieving bitcoins in one wallet and sending it on from a seperate wallet, this is where the invested money comes in, they need the bitcoins from the investers to move bitcoins from one wallet… Read more »

Roberto Hernandez
Roberto Hernandez

I am earning good income with this legit bitpetite.com.. Get return 47% to 80% ..


I just invested 5 LTC which is 302$ and i am learning 12,50$ for day, the site works great, could be a SCAM OR A PONZI, but for now its working. I can Wait 4 weeks

(Sorry, no affiliate links allowed)


Follow my link and get 10% of my referral bonus
(sorry, no linking)


I have seen many programs about bitcoins but I thought that they were all scams.

But Bitpetite was looking different and I wanted to learn more. I admit there are too many things that I do not know about bitcoins. Even if it a legit way to invest, I prefer to find something more familiar.

Thanks for the review, I will check your recommendation about starting a website.


hello, sorry am using these medium to get across to you. i need to have a discussion with you as regards wealthy affiliate.

steven hurley
steven hurley

Like many, I was highly skeptical of bitpetite, so I did a bunch of research which yielded mixed results. Lots of people calling it a scam, but they have never actually used it and had 0 experience with it, but it was a fair assumption based on the evidence. I did find lots of people commenting about success stories, so I decided to give it a try anyways. 1st I deposited 5 Eth for 6 weeks. Gained 147% and was able to withdrawal everything. Super stoked. 2nd I deposited 1 BTC and 10 ETH with the SAME RESULTS. No issues… Read more »


Hello Stephen, Is bitpetite still working today?

Jimmy Daly

First point is Btc is NOT anonymous like a lot of people think, including the fed who was part of taking down silk road on the dark web and stole a huge amount telling his boss there was 30k in that wallet boss when there was really 330k he stole enough to pay of his house and have a huge stash hid away but like he wrongly thought it is not anonymous, every single transaction is recorded on the bitchain, but what really sticks in my throat is federal investigator Burns got 6 years in prison, now this is a… Read more »