Baymack Review 2018: Scam or Legit?

An honest look at this Baymack Review!

Is Baymack a scam or can it be a legitimate way to make some money online? 

Well I will make it a littler easier on you this go-around... but Baymack is no scam. 

You can make some change with it... but you must take that literally... you will only be able to make some change. 

In my opinion sites like these are always trying to push their own agendas and get themselves noticed. Not really push for anyone to make money online and feel good about themselves.

The more people that do it the more money they can potentially make. If they were really giving away hoards of money, then they would pay themselves right out of existence. 

So they have this sly way of getting people involved and giving them just enough to keep them coming back (like this commercial) for more and doing tons of work for very little return. 


Anyways... read on for the full review. 

Is Baymack a Scam

More in the Baymack review below!

Name: Baymack
Website: Baymack
Price: ​Free! But may cost you some friends!
Overall Rank:  Revealed at the end!

Spoiler Alert: Not a scam, but your chances to win are astronomical

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Quick Overview: Is Baymack Legit?

Baymack is legit in terms of it is possible (high importance on the word possible) to make money with it. 

It is basically the sister site to Snuckls

You watch videos and you are entered into drawing that occur a few times a day. 

There is  a self imposed massive waiting list just to join, but the best way to increase your chances of joining and winning require you to share Baymack with others on your social media in hopes that they will sign up to. 

It is a bit of a cheap way to get you to market for them. It may be cheap, but it is super effective.

At any given time Baymack can have you waiting in a queue of over 80,000 people that are also trying to join at the time. 

Then once you finally join and in for a chance to win, you have to face a drawing that is similar to a lottery when it comes to the chances it will take to actually win something. 

Don't expect to get any kind of outstanding income from it as the chances of you winning are pretty slim. Then if you do win, you will not be making much other than perhaps $100 or $50. 

Even then, if you are lucky enough to actually win, you will likely only win once or twice.

In some ways it is worse than a lottery since with a lottery at least, if you did find a way to win, you could be making life changing money... Not here. This money will change your life for maybe 20 minutes... 

What to Expect with this potential Baymack Scam

After joining, for each drawing, you are only allowed 10 entries. 

You get entries by watching videos all the way through. These videos are not long and you can watch them relatively quickly. You have to watch 5 videos to gain an entry. For entries 7-10 you only have to watch 2 videos. 

These are mostly sales videos trying to get you to buy something. 

This is solely designed to put eyes on these products. If you were to buy (Even though cannot confirm this) it is quite possible that Baymack or Snuckls gets a commission from the sale.