How to Test Landing Pages Like a Boss (5 Expert Tips)

Trying to optimize for more conversions and sales?

Creating and testing a good landing page takes time, effort, and an extreme amount of patience. The ability to read the numbers and make effective decisions can make or break your bottom line. But it is a necessary evil that if not taken seriously, can cost you tons of money in the long run. 

In this article, I will show you how to test landing pages using 5 easy to remember tips. If you start with these strategies, you can build a winner of a landing page in a short time. 

5. Writing a Good Headline

A good headline piques the interest of a potential buyer and gets them onto your page and reading your content. So it is very important that you take time to craft an eye-catching and clickable headline.

Importantly, you need to see which words work with an audience. Just thinking about it, it would be arrogant on our part to think the single headline we come up with is the right headline every time. The reaction of your audience is the number one factor to consider when determining if a headline is effective or not. 

So to figure out the best headline possible for your audience, you will need to split test or A/B test. 

To do this correctly, follow these tips. 

how to test landing pages

Fewer Words is Better - Focus on Simplicity

When deciding on a headline for your article, always keep in mind that less is more. Think of it from your potential readers point of view. When they are searching on Google for an answer to their questions, they are taking a quick scan of the articles that Google produces. 

You want them to read it fast and figure out if your article gives them the best chance to answer their question. If your headline is too long, they will quickly dismiss the article and move on. 

Another reason to keep it simple is that most search engines only give you so many characters before it cuts off the title. Try to keep the title under 60 characters. 

Invoke Curiosity

Read this next paragraph to find the one thing you are missing in your headlines. 

See what I did there? 

I created an information gap in the sentence that would get you to continue to read. Use the human nature of curiosity to keep people reading and fill the information gap you create.

There are tons of ways to create information gaps, so mix it up and see which one resonates with your audience.

As a warning, do not use click-bait, be honest in what you are promising the reader and deliver. 

Use Specific Numbers

Testing has shown that people like numbers. In fact, most of the biggest and most profitable keywords in the world have tons of articles that begin with a number. 

From personal experience, I have also noticed that odd numbers seem to work better than even numbers. I have no clue about the psychology around that trend, but just know it works (similar to this article!)

Implementing specific numbers, creating curiosity, and using short and concise headlines in your split testing campaigns can assure that you get the maximum conversions on your money articles.

4. Images that Convert

Humans are visual creatures. We like to see what we are getting and we like attractive people. So do not feel dirty when you use a good picture that will affect a person's mindset when they hit your landing page. 

But choosing the correct image is the tricky part. So in a way to optimize your page, choose a few images to feature on your page. 

Make sure that these images illustrate different things. For example, if you were promoting golf clubs, it would be wise to split test an image of a man swinging a club, another image of of a woman swinging a club, another image of just the club itself, and another image of the scientific breakdown of the club. 

Now split test each image and see which one's give you the most sales. 

Images of people traditionally do well. But do not neglect the opportunity to test product images.

3. Writing Convincing Copy

Your copy (or content on the page) can make an enormous difference in whether or not you get the sale. The best copy is that of a story. Create something that people can relate to and provide the solution. 

Split test this with copy that directly sales the product. This can also be considered a 'hard-sell'.

Another example would be to write copy that points to 'pain points' of the issue you are discussing and that your offer can fix it. 

But by testing the different copy, you will see what converts the best for your audience. When you find one that works, then steadily tweak that copy to make the highest converting page you possibly can. 

how to test landing pages

2. Including Social Proof

Another key factor to test on any sales page is the social proof. 

People dislike doing things on their own. They want proof that other people have already gone down that road and made it out the other side safely. 

Potential buyers want to be reassured that they are not being scammed.

However, since the calibre of reader you will encounter differ so greatly, different social proof resonates...well... differently. 

Include testimonials from people of differing backgrounds, differing genders, differing age groups, etc... Those are your perfect social proofs you will test and see which one hits the nerve that causes potential readers to become loyal customers.

Keep in mind you want to test social proof that address common concerns in your industry about your offer. Reading answers to common problems from your testimonials can boost conversions by a large degree. 

Finally, do not fall in the trap of testing a lot of testimonials at once. Try one or two max and make only a single change and test again. It is all about having a control and changing a variable, then analyzing the results. 

1. The Call To Action or (CTA)

The call to action is the biggest thing you need to test on your landing page. Why?

It is the link or the key to your offer. 

So the question is how do you get your potential buyers to click your affiliate links?

By testing which approach works best. There are several approaches to get our readers to take an action, but here are a couple I find the most useful. 

Button CTA

The infamous CTA button is by far the most gaudy of the approaches and it works, but may not be as effective as you may think. Regular users of the internet can suffer from 'ad blindness' where they see an advertisement, but have grown so used to seeing them that their eyes gloss over it. The only true way to tell which works best for your audience is... you guessed it, testing it for yourself. 

Test different sizes, colors, designs, placements, etc... Doing this constantly will give you a leg up and a perfectly optimized CTA button.

how to test landing pages

Plain Text CTA

Plain text links are by far my favorite types of links. These are links that have no frills or thrills, just a plain text with a link attached to it.

Look at it from a reader's perspective, they are on your site looking for information. They are not there to be sold anything. So they are reading your text. By putting your links and call-to-action's in a plain text link, the reader is more likely to see it, read it, and click on it. 

When testing plain link CTAs, be sure to vary the text. See what word combination really resonates with your audience. 


When you are learning online marketing, there is no exact way to do anything. Everything depends on your audience. 

My audience differs from your audience. 

The audience you have on one blog site will differ from the one on a similar blog site. So instead of learning exact trends and strategies, learn how to mold your content to fit the audience you have.

Google has gone on record to say if you create content that directly serves your audience, the Google algorithms will follow and promote your content over and over. 

For help split testing, I use a program called Thrive Optimize. Check out my review right here and try it out, it is the easiest way to split test any landing page and is affordable. It is the same plugin I use every single day. 

So have you had experience split testing? 

What has been the result? Have your conversions and sales increased as a result? or have they decreased? Let me know below and ask any questions you have. 

I promise to help you get the most out of your site and make way more money than you are right now.

Stop leaving money on the table and learn the valuable skill of testing your landing pages. 

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Chris M

I am just a father that became a "stay at home dad" by launching an online business! Click Here Now to follow the same training that I used to do it! My mission is to deliver high-quality scam avoidance information and other online marketing information. Please comment below to ask about anything I missed, provide further insights or request new topics for me to cover. Benji and I Thank You! We look forward to being your one stop shop for all things related to the online marketing niche.

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Hi there I have been blogging for some time now but I have not managed to build a landing page as I do find I have 2 left hands when trying to do it, I was never a technical person but this one has taken me longer than anything I ever did online. Just yesterday I attended a webinar where they showed how to build a landing page and I feel confident I may just be able to create one now if I tried. So your post just came at the right time as I have now not only learned… Read more »


I implemented buttons in the past, but they didn’t really work for my site. I’ve since abandon the technique, but that was when my blog was still in its infancy. My only conversion link right now is text link at the end of the paragraph on my main product review. Recently, I noticed that there are a few pages that are ranking and I wonder if creating a CTA button that links directly to my affiliate link would be a good idea? Or should I link it to my product review instead? What are your thoughts in terms of the… Read more »


Sometimes you never know what is going to convert. The content is the most important thing that people value, in my experience guides for beginners work best for conversions. If you write a guide in steps and you recommend buying a product in the middle of the guide, that has worked best for conversions in my experience. As for the title, I think that it just needs to be simple and include what is new about the topic and how it relates to the audience.


Chris, thanks for the information. I’m new to blogging and know these rules but am not very experienced at applying them. I’m not sales-minded but want to help others. I’m not ready to begin split testing yet.

That being said, I have bookmarked your page so that when I’m reading to split test, I will go to your recommended site.

Thanks again


Hallo there Chris,

Thank you very much for listing the 5 tips for landpages. I have been looking to get started with creating and promoting land pages but I didn’t know how to go about it.

I will be using your tips the exact way you recommend and see how things go for me. I can feel some success with this coming up.

Thanks a lot for taking your time.


Kayd Mob
Kayd Mob

The very informative article, since I am about to promote my links these 5 tips I really need to read over and over again. Nowadays there is so many scam business online and to get people to read your content we have to be careful about what we are giving to them. You have described well what to do in order to get some readers on my article. Thanks!


Okay, so this was the first post I’ve found so far that makes split testing seem plausible. Usually it’s so freaking technical and it just goes over my head. So thanks for writing this in an engaging way that kept my interest. Especially the bit about creating an information gap – I loved that and will be using it! The only Question I have after reading this is how to actually split test. I guess this post assumes prior knowledge which I don’t have? I’ve always loved numbers but I’m actually not sure what metrics we’re looking at here. For… Read more »


Thanks for writing a great post about landing pages. I am new to this whole concept. Working on building my website with great content.

I am still learning to include the cta. Interesting points about social proof, writing convincing copy, images and creating good headlines ie, short.

I will try them out to see how they work for my website and learn what draws in my audience.

Thanks again for the tips!