Is Legit?: The Dead Truth!

If you’re like me, you’re constantly looking around for great side hustle opportunities online. Nowadays, there are so many websites to choose from that it’s difficult just knowing whether or not a site is a scam. Just like BigSpot. So Is Legit? is a website that advertises the opportunity for members to get paid for sharing their opinions. That’s a common line used by many survey platforms--is one of the good websites?

After reading this article, you’ll know how works. You’ll be able to make an informed decision as to whether or not it’s a good idea to become a member of this website.

Shall we get started?

bigspot legit

Name: BigSpot
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Spoiler Alert: not a scam

Is Legit?: Quick Overview

At first glance, is a survey website like any other, promising to pay you for completing online surveys and giving your opinions. Plenty of people have signed up for in the hopes of earning a bit of extra money on the side.

Many consumers are aware of because the website ran a commercial advertisement on TV. The ad boosted people’s awareness of the site and caused individuals to check it out when they may not have before.

When you visit, you’ll see that the homepage is quite simple. In fact, the quick form that you must fill out to become a member is the first thing you’ll see, along with a drawing that states:

“Join now, share, get paid!”

Here’s the personal information they ask for in that initial sign up form:

  • Email address
  • Birth date
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Country

That seems easy and straightforward, right? But, don’t sign up just yet. First, let’s dig a little deeper.

bigspot legit Scam? What to Expect Before Joining! doesn’t deliver paid survey opportunities to its members quite as advertised. Upon joining, you aren’t actually presented with survey opportunities from the website itself. Instead, you’ll be given a list of other survey platforms that you can go sign up for, like Toluna or Global Test Market.

You don’t need to go through to sign up for these survey websites; you can do so on your own. wants you to sign up for survey companies through their website because each time you do, BigSpot makes money. But the catch is, BigSpot won’t pay you themselves.

You can’t make money on BigSpot, you can only make money on the survey websites they try to send you to. Although may ask you to complete easy questionnaires or quick surveys, they’re just trying to gather more of your personal information, which they’ll use to send you to other websites. Online safety is critically important, but doesn’t seem to respect that. requires you to provide an email address to sign up. They’ll use this email to send you invitations from other survey sites, whether the opportunities are profitable for you or not. The result is a lot of junk mail. I don’t know about you, but I avoid getting spam in my email inbox as much as I can.

bigspot legit

Additionally, you’re not guaranteed to qualify for the survey opportunities that sends to you. In fact, many users have complained that they spend hours on only to get rejected from the surveys they’re invited to. Your time is valuable; when it’s difficult to qualify for surveys, there’s a major problem in my book.

Major Concerns with

It’s probably already clear from the earlier sections of this article that isn’t my favorite website around. It has significant red flags that I see on risky websites, and considering the number of online scams around today, I hope everyone is informed before giving out personal details online.

My major concerns about are:

  1. It does not pay its members. Instead, it sends members to other survey websites where they may get paid for completing tasks, but only if they qualify.
  2. By gathering information from you to find surveys that you can take, is invading your privacy. But, what’s worse than that is you won’t even get paid directly from BigSpot for providing that information. That system is both unfair and unsafe.
  3. Members have noted in online reviews that you won’t easily qualify for many surveys on BigSpot. You may spend a lot of time answering their questions and still not receive paying opportunities from survey websites.
  4. gets paid when you sign up for a survey platform through their website or when you give them your personal information. Yes, I’m serious--they won’t pay you, but they get paid themselves.
  5. gives out your information to other websites, which may result in a lot of spam getting sent to your inbox.
bigspot legit

Is A Scam?: My Final Opinion is essentially a website that sells their members’ information to make a profit. They don’t have their members’ best interests at heart. While you may be able to make money on the survey websites that BigSpot recommends to you, you would be able to do that without ever signing up for BigSpot. There’s no need to give out your personal information to a website if it’s unnecessary. In fact, in the case of, doing so may be unsafe.

I’m not the only one who questions the legitimacy of; if you look around the web, you’ll see that this site has a pretty poor reputation.

In today’s world, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to giving out your personal information online. is not a good website for making extra money--they won’t give you a penny. Spare your privacy and spend time on websites that can actually help you make a profit. is questionable when it comes to legitimacy, and it’s certainly not worth your time to sign up. But, don’t get discouraged! There are plenty of great survey websites out there today, it’s just a matter of finding the right one for you.

So What Should You Do Now? is one of those sites that I would avoid. It is a waste of time and and issue with privacy. So if your goal is to make money online, then this would not be a good fit for you. 

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