101 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

Traffic = Money, right? 

If you are a level-headed blogger or webmaster you no doubt would salivate at the opportunity to increase traffic to your blog. 

It is the never-ending struggle for us marketers because there is no such thing as too much traffic. 

Assuming that it is targeted enough, we can turn our income from a few hundred a month to hundreds of thousands a month. 

Can you stand an extra hundred thousand in your pocket? 

Google updates have been the bane of our existence since the ezine days, but there is a ton of options for us to take advantage of right now that can insulate us from any update that Google throws our way. 

This will be a very succinct list so if you would like further explanation on how you can generate hundreds of thousands of targeted traffic to your site; I suggest you check out the training that got me kick started with Affiliate Marketing right here. It is great for beginners!


I will make a few assumptions...

  • You are intermediate to advanced blogger
  • You understand the difference in White Hat vs Black Hat Tactics
  • NEVER buy traffic from sites like Fiverr.com, it will destroy your site in 2 seconds flat.
  • You will not use these tactics against me...

Got it? Good... 

Let's go!

  • 1
    Guest posting on sites that are relevant to your niche
  • 2
    Do social bookmarking to give your posts traction 
  • 3
    Build PBNs to help backlink your posts (warning this is definitely grey hat)
  • 4
    Write GREAT and OUTSTANDING articles covering every angle of a subject
  • 5
    Use effective Call To Action's in order to get readers to share your content
  • 6
    Share your own content regularly
  • 7
    Focus on one Traffic Source at a time
  • 8
    Write great answers to questions on Quora
  • 9
    Write controversial posts that make people angry
  • 10
    Use 'Alt tags' on your images so they can be found in search
  • 11
    Name your images with the targeted keyword
  • 12
    Create YouTube videos!
  • 13
    Embed videos onto your blog posts
  • 14
    Find ways to increase the "dwell time" on your site
  • 15
    Take advantage of email marketing (before GDPR Kills it...)
  • 16
    Mix up your backlinking anchor text
  • 17
    Avoid over-optimizing your on-page SEO
  • 18
    Write naturally and not for robots
  • 19
    Follow your audience, write content they want to read and Google Algorithm will follow
  • 20
    Use numbers at the start of your in your Title Tags (much like this one!)
  • 21
    Use brackets and/or Parentheses in your Title Tags
  • 22
    Use Clickbait titles (but deliver... don't be a spammer)
  • 23
    Use List Posts (people love a good countdown)
  • 24
    Learn Competitive Keyword Analysis
  • 25
    Do not lie to people, Be as transparent as possible. People are quick to find holes. 
  • 26
    Ask your readers to share your content on their social media
  • 27
    Ignore competition. One day you will be the big dog!
  • 28
    Post new engaging content at LEAST 2 to 3 times a week. 
  • 29
    Analyze Google Search Console to find words that you are ranking for on page 2 of Google and further optimize your page to get it to page 1!
  • 30
    Become an authority in your space and get the media to link out to you as a source
  • 31
    Do not be afraid to link out to other authorities that you may consider competition. Google LOVES this as it adds credibility to your site and your individual posts.
  • 32
    Do not be stingy with posts! The average post that ranks Number 1 on Google has an average of 1,800+ words!
  • 33
    Also, be succinct. Do not be overly wordy for no reason. Be long-winded but venture to answer the question in a way that leaves no room for "I do not understand"
  • 34
    Use Brian Dean's SkyScraper technique for valuable keywords to target
  • 35
    Submit your page to Blog directories. Here is an example of a couple hundred you can use. This can also be set to be done automatically within WordPress. 
  • 36
    Subscribe to Brian Dean, Neil Patel, and Dan Brock On YouTube. Do what they suggest
  • 37
    Run paid advertisements to your site (be careful with this... you can lose your pants! ) 
  • 38
    Don't reinvent the wheel, do what works in your space and replicate it. Do not copy, but do it with your own style and flare. 
  • 39
    Learn both On-Page AND Off-Page SEO
  • 40
    Leverage pictures with the use of Instagram. It is a lot easier than you think to garner a following on there, just stick to it. 
  • 41
    Learn how to construct a good blog post that is easily share-able and thus increases the chances of it going viral. 
  • 42
    Pinterest does not work for every niche, but you can make serious waves traffic-wise if you simply post regularly. 
  • 43
    Avoid BlogRoll links, this will help you not lose rankings within Google
  • 44
    LinkedIn is largely an untapped source for traffic. It is rarely the first place to come to mind when thinking of social networks. Use that to your advantage. 
  • 45
    Submit Press releases. (only do this if you know what you are doing, Sometimes it is better to use someone on Fiverr.com to write your press release professionally)
  • 46
    Create a Facebook page or group. It takes a little extra work, but Facebook has over 2 Billion users on it, you would be dumb not to take advantage of it!
  • 47
    Use Quizzes to engage readers, this also helps #14. 
  • 48
    Use Reddit as a traffic source. Same principle applies with it as it does with forums. Add to the community, do not detract from it. 
  • 49
    Don't be afraid to write a blog post that is 3,000+ words. Google loves long content.
  • 50
    Build an email list. By building an email list, you have instant traffic to your blog
  • 51
    Avoid using Black Hat Tactics at ALL COSTS. (at least with your main sites)
  • 52
    Create a valuable e-book, place your links in there, then offer it for free. 
  • 53
    Find sites that link to your competitors, write better content then they did and beg the webmaster for a link. It takes work, but that is good because not a lot of people do it. 
  • 54
    Tutorial posts are magnets for good backlinks which leads to traffic to your site. So nice long ones. 
  • 55
    Be different, do something that no one else is. 
  • 56
    Deliver AMAZING Value. Give people stuff through your writing that is worth paying for. They will think your paid stuff is outstanding!
  • 57
    Focus on QUALITY rather than QUANTITY. Make extremely thorough posts covering all topics 
  • 58
    The word "Ultimate" seems to be a magnet for clicks, do posts with that in the title. Just remember to actually deliver. Do not disappoint. Leave no stone unturned. 
  • 59
    Link to your posts from other posts on your site. Try your best to keep people on your site. 
  • 60
    Answer questions on your site. "Why" types of posts to great for getting traffic, then you can refer them to your money pages. 
  • 61
    Use emotional trigger words in your Title Tags and Meta Descriptions
  • 62
    Make comments on blogs from high authority Web 2.0. Be sure to write good comments that increase value. If it sucks, they will likely not approve it. 
  • 63
    Use Social Media like Twitter and Facebook for traffic
  • 64
    Follow the rule Google puts in place. This will help you rank your site and avoid penalties in the future. Practice White Hat SEO tactics.
  • 65
    Create a Wikipedia page and link to your site as a resource. This is a ninja-style trick. 
  • 66
    Find forums in your niche and post your link in your signature. 
  • 67
    Write posts about current events to ride some of the viral traffic
  • 68
    Leverage Yahoo answers and site your blog as a source for good information
  • 69
    Be sure to use Google+ for social bookmarking. It may not be the biggest social network, but Google holds it in high regard. 
  • 70
    Promote your posts on a niche-related forum. This has to be done tastefully, as if you spam forums, you WILL get kicked out. Add value and sprinkle in your content as people in the community trust you.
  • 71
    Find outdated resources and punch it up with your own content. Then contact the webmaster and pitch your new, shiny content!
  • 72
    Make use of RSS feeds. Yes, they still work. Every little bit helps!
  • 73
    Network offline. Find people locally that will be willing to share your awesome posts. 
  • 74
    Analyze the Backlinks of your competitors and try to replicate the process. 
  • 75
    Launch-Jack for traffic. Use sites like JVZoo.com or Muncheye.com to stay ahead of products before they pull a big following on Google. 
  • 76
    Look for 'link roundups' online in your niche and bug them until you are featured
  • 77
    Test headlines. Find out which gets more clicks. I use Thrive Optimize with awesome results!
  • 78
    Use Google Trends to find out what is hot and what is not and leverage that in your posts (Here is a video on how to do that right here)
  • 79
    Include your links in the description of your YouTube videos. 
  • 80
    Talk to people, not to Google. Write using words like 'I' and 'you' 
  • 81
    Do not alienate yourself. Reach out to similar bloggers and cross promote each other. 
  • 82
    Do underestimate the power of Infographics. We are visual people, use that to increase traffic to your site!
  • 83
    If you do local SEO as a freelancer, hide links in there higher authority sites
  • 84
    Find broken links on pages and beg the blogger to replace that link with your content!
  • 85
    Create your own product and launch it! You can use Clickbank or JVZoo for that. Let the affiliates do the work for you. 
  • 86
    Be active in forums related to your niche and you see the hottest trends in your niche. Take that and create content around it. Chances are that your page will rank higher than the niche forum.
  • 87
    Invest in a premium Keyword research tool. The free ones work well, but having everything in one place is totally worth it!
  • 88
    StumbleUpon is a lot more powerful than you might think... submit your articles to it. 
  • 89
    Give stuff away for free and they have to do is link to your site. 
  • 90
    Keep paragraphs on your blog short and to the point. This will help your readability, dwell time, and bounce rate. All factors in to Google SEO.
  • 91
    Write informational posts. Not everything needs to be sell something. Write stuff that informs and draws people to your site.
  • 92
    Write whitepapers about your niche. It sounds boring, but people do read those darned things. 
  • 93
    Use "How To" posts. People love to learn stuff for free. 
  • 94
    Use authoritative forums to start highly relative posts and link back to your site
  • 95
    Always write original content. Never duplicate stuff
  • 96
    Use Fiverr.com or Upwork to outsource content. Doing this can help you stay more consistent with your posts on your site. You do not have to outsource it all. If you write 2 posts a week, only contract out 2 and now you are posting 4 times a week!
  • 97
    Promote your blog on Web 2.0 sites sparingly
  • 98
    Stay current by blogging about National Holidays and weaving them into your niche. Great way to rank for stuff easily. 
  • 99
    Spend twice as much time promoting a piece of content as you spend writing it
  • 100
    Find the biggest players in your niche and do reviews of them. Knock it out the part and they may link to you!
  • 101
    Love the niche you are in. If you love it, you will continue to write and write even when things are bleak. Become the place that people go to for information for your niche. Act that way even if you are a small blog getting 100 visitors a month. Own your niche


102. Always over-deliver. It is paramount that you provide value. Providing value will allow you to get away with almost anything. Give stuff away about your niche that most people would usually pay. 

The internet is huge. Anyone and everyone can make money from it. Get traffic to your website free buy using a lot of the methods that I listed below. 

A lot of the SEO tricks will help your rankings which in turn helps your traffic, so know the fundamentals. 

It is possible to get 100k visitors to your site in a years time. But it will take time and effort. 

When I first got started, I used a training that really helped me put the whole Affiliate Marketing process together and I have not looked back since. 

Check it out here. It is free to start. 

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